May 19, 2008

Message From Home

It's hard to believe that the year has come to an end. The last two semesters have been incredible. We're so glad that we were able to share our experiences with all of you.

We started this blog back in September and can't believe how much it's grown since then. Lots of you are reading and enjoying what we write, and some of our stories are even kind of legit.

We will be updating over the summer, so be sure to keep checking. We're going to have a new layout, introduce some new features, and put up some big stories. We've got some big news to share in a few weeks...

We'll be taking a two week break beginning on May 26th. Be sure to check back after that!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. An anonymous commenter on our last post made a new header design for us. We'd love to know who it is. Email us!


Anonymous said...

yay mads!!! love it

zack said...

Congratulations on developing so much in quality and popularity over your first year. I'll definitely keep checking the site regularly for the next two.

Anonymous said...

why do you say "we'?
there is only one of you

wanna be Perez, maybe?

Anonymous said...

could i interest you in a cool, refreshing glass of hatorade?

Anonymous said...

peace out mads.

it'll be nice to take a break from this junk.

Anonymous said...

358...funny how you call it junk but you need mads to take a break in order to take a break yourself.
and 307, relax and get over it.

now for my dose of mean and nasty: that new header someone linked to you in a previous post is horrendous. dont use it.