May 1, 2008

On The Cover

The cover story of this week's Misc:
"Is Vassar Accessible? Confronting disability issues."

Pick up a copy!


Anonymous said...

Reading the article in the Misc about the candidates, I definitely decided that SG was the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Here's the answer to the accessibility question:


Anonymous said...

interesting cover story. also, why was no one told about those people from the state office coming to campus to talk about the raymond avenue stuff? i would have loved to go and ask questions

Mina said...

i gave a tour to a disabled prospie, and i, like belinda guthrie, was so upset about how the library entrance worked. it's incredibly difficult for people with certain disabilities to use. i don't think we're doing that great, but the prospie told me we were a lot better than some other campuses she visited. she said "i'm just glad i can use the same sidewalks as everyone else," which is something that never even occurred to me. i hope accessibility becomes better and SOON!