May 24, 2008

Vassar Student Robbed, Thanks To Craigslist

Tom Morgan '08 got more than he signed up for when he took a job listed on Craigslist to shoot a bachelorette party in Brooklyn. According to a NY Daily News article, Morgan showed up for the job only to find that it was all a hoax. He was mugged of $4000 worth of equipment at gunpoint.

The article describes Morgan as a "Vassar College graduate who has been freelancing full time since December."

Thanks to a reader for showing us this.


Android said...

Dear Ethicist,

Does this mean that the creators/owners of Craigslist have a responsibility to prevent or take measures to help prevent further incidents of this type?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Craiglist?

I disagree. Craigslist makes it clear the risk that people take when advertising, selling, or buying on the site. The student should have done his research or advertised on a more legitimate site.

You have to be careful with craigslist. It is not a site for the naive. Anyone who operates on that site should take responsibility for their own actions instead of placing blame on the site.