May 19, 2008

VT Making Up For Farm Rave

The Farm Rave was canceled two weeks ago, but VT isn't giving up. They are throwing their last event of the year tomorrow night (Tuesday) at midnight.

VT Presents: Silent Rave!

Here's a message from VT:
"Come join VT for one last event from us before the semester ends! We will be holding a silent rave on the Quad Tuesday night at 12, preceded by a screening of Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 at 11pm.

To make this a silent rave, we have obtained a FM transmitter and dozens of receiving radios for you to tune in with headphones. VT will be broadcasting from 107.1 FM. Radios are free to use and $2 to keep. They will be limited, so first come first serve. You're more than welcome to bring your own FM receiver and headphones if you wish!"

Silent Rave
Tuesday @ Midnight (Screening of Interstella 5555 at 11pm)
Radios are free to use, $2 to keep. Stay as long as you want!


Anonymous said...

that's so cool! i wish i was on campus

plus interstella 5555 is awesome

Anonymous said...

that's such a neat idea. i want to go just to watch people dance in silence

Anonymous said...

silent raves are so much fun
and hilarious to watch, especially when you're stonefucked up the face at bonaroo

Respire said...

I'm glad you guys like the idea :)

For all of you sticking around and coming to the event - bring your own headphones! We only have the FM receivers available for you, but I assume that everyone has at least one pair of headphones/earbuds.

Anonymous said...

did it happen? i didn't see them on the quad

Anonymous said...

There was loud music at 1:00am, which was pretty obnoxious considering some people had to wake up early the next morning.

Respire said...

It did happen! We were out on the Quad near Rocky and had around 15-20 people at the peak hour. A decent turnout considering the short notice, silly idea, and senior week timing.

And we stopped at 2am when the college and state-enforced noise ordinance laws start. Sorry you had to wake up so early to go the Booze Cruise?