June 29, 2008

A Hot Mess In Mexico

A few Vassar students are spending six weeks in Mexico. One reader tells us:

"We all went to some random gay club with black lights, fog machines, flashing neon lights, and techno music, yet a certain hot mess from Vassar still managed to find some random Mexican chica/nursing student to hook up with on the dance floor."

Some things never change.

Dorm Requests In Second Life

We came across this on the Vassar Live Journal Community:

"There was a second life meet-up yesterday for 2012ers on the top of Vassar Castle. Rich Horowitz (Gandolf Twine) released two snitches and the two people who caught the snitch the 10th time got to choose their dorm (we did it again tonight). Also on the Vassar Sorting Hat group, 3 people are chosen at random and get the opportunity to choose their house. I think a total of 7 of us are going to get to choose."

Huh? We don't know too much about Second Life, but we certainly had no idea this was going on. It's pretty amusing how it's been incorporated into choosing a dorm.


Early Saturday morning Mads hit 200,000 views.

It's truly an honor to know that people are reading this. We'd like to take a moment to thank some of the people who have helped us along the way...

The Misc
Vassar Teknowledgy
Class of 2011
Class of 2009

Thanks so much for reading. Remember that we will be updating the entire summer, so keep checking!

June 27, 2008

German Expressionism To Hit Loeb

The next exhibit to hit the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center was announced today. Impassioned Images
will be a collection of German Expressionist prints.

The exhibit "explores the visions of numerous artists who engaged their charged emotions with printmaking," states the press release.

The exhibit will be up from August 22 or October 26.

Reader Response: What You're Up To

Last week we asked you what you're doing this summer. Here's what you told us...

Several Mads readers went to Tennessee for Bonnaroo.
Another reader DJed in Atlanta for over four hundred people.
Lots of readers are in New York City for the summer.

As always, email us at madsvassar@gmail.com.

New Girl Talk Album (Fo' Free)

Girl Talk, who came to Vassar in February, just released his new album, Feed the Animals. In the spirit of artists like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, Girl Talk is inviting listeners to pay what they want for the music.

CLICK HERE to find out how to get your copy of Feed the Animals.

June 25, 2008

Mads Goes Global

It's official: Mads has gone global. Now that Vassar's diverse international student body is home for the summer, Mads has readers in over a dozen countries all over the world. Here's a list of just some of the countries Mads has made it to, according to SiteMeter:

South Africa
United Kingdom

As always, thanks for reading! We're almost at 200,000 hits...

Gays Of Our Lives Wants You

The organizers of Gays of Our Lives are looking for participants.

For those of you not familiar with the event, QCVC tells Mads, "It is an annual event help during Freshman Orientation that is meant to acculturate new students into a more accepting climate in which one should question what they have been taught thus far. In this event, hosts, panelists and other entertainment are meant to question rigid biases and stereotypes that people are ingrained with today."

The application consists of seven questions. To view the application, click on the COMMENTS section for this post. Send your answers to Queer@vassar.edu.

June 24, 2008

Author Chosen To Address 2012

Journalist Elizabeth Kolbert will be giving the William A. Starr Lecture this September.

The "common reading" for the incoming freshmen is Kolbert's Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change.

The theme this year will be environmental awareness.

Kolbert will address the Class of 2012 and the extended Vassar community on September 25th.

Story developing...

Hey 2012ers...

Vassar's incoming freshmen are now listed in the student directory.

What We're Reading

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld wrote a touching piece on his friend George Carlin in today's New York Times.

Everything he did just had this gleaming wonderful precision and originality," Seinfeld writes. "As a kid it seemed like the whole world was funny because of George Carlin."

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

June 23, 2008

Hot Item

The latest trend to hit the Vassar student body seems to be Facebook pictures with Barack Obama. Vassar students, as well as students from around the country, have been seeking that perfect profile pic. Even our VSA president Jimmy Kelly has gotten in on the action.

Summer Exhibits At Vassar

If you are in the area this summer, there are two exhibits at Vassar that are definitely worth checking out.

First, the new exhibit at the Loeb that we told you about last month will open this Friday. The exhibit, Facebook: Images of People in Photographs from the Collection will display photo portraits from throughout the last century. The exhibit is open until August 10.

Second, a series of photographs of actress Lynn Redgrave and her battle with breast cancer will be on display in the Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film. The photographs are by her daughter, Annabel Clark. The exhibit will be on display from June 27 to July 31.

June 19, 2008

Jamie Lynn Gives Birth

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl this morning. The baby's name is Maddie Briann.

Jamie Lynn's connection to Vassar? She appeared in the 2002 classic Crossroads, as did Vassar drop-out Justin Long.

UPDATE 6/21: The Jewett Dorm President tells Mads, "I am happy that both the mother and baby are healthy."

What Are You Up To, Readers?

Mads wants to know: What are you up to this summer?

Email us at madsvassar@gmail.com and tell us what you're up to. Then see it on Mads soon! We'll keep it anonymous if you'd like.

June 17, 2008

On The Cover

Vassar goes to Iraq for the cover of this season's Alumnae/i Quarterly.

Benjamin Busch '91 is featured in the cover article, "Occupations."

Here's an excerpt:
"We were thrown into a civilian battlefield," says Busch. "That's why Vassar was a great place for a Marine officer in Iraq to come from. Vassar forces you to think critically and creatively."

June 15, 2008

New Vampire Weekend Clip

Here's a clip from Vampire Weekend's performance in Central Park on Saturday.

UPDATE 6/16:
Here's a new clip from the performance:

Check out MadsTV for more videos, including Vampire Weekend's performance at Vassar.

June 14, 2008


"Of the 40,000 people at the concert, 20,000 of them were wearing Ray Bans."
- Anon.

Big Vassar Turnout At Summer Stage

Lots of Vassar students braved the thunderstorm today to see Vampire Weekend at Central Park's Summer Stage. Kid Sister and Born Ruffians, who performed at Founder's Day, also took the stage.

At one point, the concert organizers announced that the concert would be ending early because of the weather. An hour and a half later though, Vampire Weekend took the stage. They played all of the material from their album, plus one new song and a Tom Petty cover (featuring the event's host Andrew W.K.).

"Well, we've made it through this shit show," Ezra Koenig said to the soaked crowd before closing with "Walcott."

Celebrity Sighting

A Mads reader spotted Project Runway's Daniel Vosovic earlier tonight in Penn Station.

M.I.A. Quitting The Biz?

According to The New York Times, M.I.A. announced that her Bonnaroo performance would be her last show of all time.

"This is my last show and I'm glad I'm spending it with all of my hippies," she told the audience. She announced that it was her last show three different times throughout the performance.

In her interview with Mads, Rye Rye described M.I.A. as "always geeking." Maybe this is just one of her pranks?

An article from last Wednesday states that M.I.A. has cancelled her UK tour. “I’m canceling because I feel like physically I just have to stop for a second," she told an audience in New York earlier this week. "It’s too insane. I was losing a sense of just, like, reality, you know what I mean."

Good thing we got her!

UPDATE: We found a clip of M.I.A. talking about leaving the music industry from way back in November.

June 13, 2008

Did You Know...

Did you know that fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskevidekatriaphobia? About 21 million Americans suffer from this.

June 11, 2008

Commencements Around The Country

MSNBC has put together this montage of 2008's Commencement addresses around the country. It features clips of Al Gore, J.K. Rowling, George W. Bush, and more.

We didn't exactly make the cut, but you can watch Vassar's ceremony here.

The Year In Clips

We caught some of the year's best moments on film.

Check out MadsTV for more.

The Ultimate Freshman

We browsed through the Facebook profiles for some of Vassar's 2012ers. We combined their info and came up with this:

Personal Info
Interests: Knitting, Disney movies, singing in the rain
Favorite Music: Anything is good except the shit I don't like. John Williams, The Beatles
Favorite Movies: Annie Hall, Everything by Wes Anderson, Fight Club
Favorite TV shows: Scrubs, The Office
Favorite Books: Catch-22, Catcher in the Rye, Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, Harry Potter, 1984, Brave New World
Favorite Quotes: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live," Albus Dumbledore.
About Me: I have a history of taking off my shirt.

June 8, 2008

Best Of The School Year

We've compiled our "Best Of" lists and your comments to create the year's definitive list. Here are our categories and winners.

Best Day Event: Founder's Day
Best Night Event: Blackout
Best Huge Concert: M.I.A.Best Small Concert: Vampire Weekend
Best Crazy No-Longer-Employed Cashier: Haveagood
Best Scandal: BoredatVassar
Best Mads Celebrity: Hot Mess Russo
Best Comeback: Alex Elder at Founder's Day
Best FLLAC Exhibit: Saul Steinberg collection
Best Asslaughter Replacement: DJ Olmec
Best Annoyance: Fire Alarms
Best Last-Second Cancellation: Tie -> KRS-One / MGMT
Best Weekly Reading: Misc's "Backpage"
Best Weekly Dancing: 80's Night
Best Autumnal Outing: Farmer's Market
Best Giveaway: Tie -> ViCE sunglasses / Vassar Greens mug
Best Prank: Toothbrush Heist
Best Harry Potter Adaptation: Vassar Quidditch TeamBest Attempt: Gender-Neutral Housing
Best Celebrity Sighting: Bruce Springsteen
Best Craving: Naps pizza
Best Sweaty Mess: Scantily Clad

Anything else?

New Dean Announced

Cappy announced last week that Jonathan Chenette will be the new Dean of the Faculty.

Chenette is a current Associate Dean and Professor of Music and Grinnell College.

What you might not know: Chenette is quite the accomplished composer. You can sample some of his music here. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Iowa Composers Forum.

In addition to Chenette, Christopher Roellke will joining administration as Acting Dean of the College, and Jannay Morrow will serve as Acting Dean of Studies.

Search For Student Reaches Sad End

The body of Middlebury student Nick Garza, who has been missing since February, was recovered from Otter Creek several days ago.

"With sadness, I write to inform you that the Middlebury Police Department, assisted by the Vermont State Police, tonight has recovered the body they believe to be Nicholas Garza," Middlebury President Ron Liebowitz emailed the students.

Check out Midd-Blog for more.

M.I.A. Getting Hitched

Vassar favorite M.I.A. is getting married, according to Perez Hilton. Benjamin Brewer, son of record executive Edgar Bronfman Jr., proposed to her last week.

The best part about Perez's post is that Rye Rye is in the picture.

June 7, 2008

Almost Ready

Hey readers,
Please excuse our appearance today as we alter the look of the blog. Check back tomorrow for a new look, new features, new posts, and more!