June 29, 2008

Dorm Requests In Second Life

We came across this on the Vassar Live Journal Community:

"There was a second life meet-up yesterday for 2012ers on the top of Vassar Castle. Rich Horowitz (Gandolf Twine) released two snitches and the two people who caught the snitch the 10th time got to choose their dorm (we did it again tonight). Also on the Vassar Sorting Hat group, 3 people are chosen at random and get the opportunity to choose their house. I think a total of 7 of us are going to get to choose."

Huh? We don't know too much about Second Life, but we certainly had no idea this was going on. It's pretty amusing how it's been incorporated into choosing a dorm.


Anonymous said...

I wonder which dorms they all picked.

Anonymous said...

he had prepped us for a big announcement for about a week on the facebook group, and when he finally made it, i realized i might be attending the geekiest school in america haha

still tried to win though. damn.

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters to me (I'm happy in my dorm) but I think this is a ridiculous way to decide anything. Second Life is for nerds and losers. No offense.

Anonymous said...

is that for real? goddamn.