June 14, 2008

M.I.A. Quitting The Biz?

According to The New York Times, M.I.A. announced that her Bonnaroo performance would be her last show of all time.

"This is my last show and I'm glad I'm spending it with all of my hippies," she told the audience. She announced that it was her last show three different times throughout the performance.

In her interview with Mads, Rye Rye described M.I.A. as "always geeking." Maybe this is just one of her pranks?

An article from last Wednesday states that M.I.A. has cancelled her UK tour. “I’m canceling because I feel like physically I just have to stop for a second," she told an audience in New York earlier this week. "It’s too insane. I was losing a sense of just, like, reality, you know what I mean."

Good thing we got her!

UPDATE: We found a clip of M.I.A. talking about leaving the music industry from way back in November.


Nick said...
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Anonymous said...

ew, nick dressler at it again with the fucking shameless self promotion. barf.

Anonymous said...

maybe she's preggers....?

Anonymous said...

yo MADS posted this before PEREZ!

way to be, MADS

Anonymous said...

i hope she does. her music, if you want to call it that, is shit.

Anonymous said...

her performance at bonnaroo was amazinggg though! she better not stop!!!