June 15, 2008

New Vampire Weekend Clip

Here's a clip from Vampire Weekend's performance in Central Park on Saturday.

UPDATE 6/16:
Here's a new clip from the performance:

Check out MadsTV for more videos, including Vampire Weekend's performance at Vassar.


Anonymous said...

And I still can't believe you haven't acknowledged the death of Tim Russert.
You've lost this reader.

Anonymous said...

loves the off-key audience contributions.

Anonymous said...

First Mads gets criticized for posting non-Vassar news, now he's getting criticized for not doing it?

Geez. Give the guy a break, people.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck would Mads have to say about the death of Tim Russert?
"Vassar students who already get there news from very reliable sources, I am disappointed to remind you that Tim Russert died today."

That would be awfully stupid. It's shocking how you can find literally anything to complain about.

Also, we all know that you're going to keep reading the blog.

Maker of big, empty threats, you've just caused us all to roll our eyes at you.

Anonymous said...


sorry, 12:53's stupidity must have rubbed off on me, briefly.

Anonymous said...

You should do a Full House special.