July 7, 2008

Our Most Important Interview Yet

"I guess there’s a reason for everything, you know? Maybe that was my role, to be one of the ones to open up and make it less fearful for other people to talk about."

We sat down with award-winning actress Lynn Redgrave to discuss her battle with breast cancer that is now the focus of an exhibit at Vassar.

Read about our conversation below.


Anonymous said...

How are there 5 comments about david schwimmer and absolutely none about lynn redgrave??

Anonymous said...

Well, there are 3 on the other post. But anyway, I don't think that it's because nobody cares, it's just we don't have much to say. Lynn Redgrave is clearly a very classy and brave woman who battled a terrible disease. I think we all understand that and are silently respectful of the exhibit and the woman it features.

Anonymous said...

i don't know about you guys, but I've seen way more david schwimmer onscreen than I have lynn redgrave.