August 5, 2008

New Music From Meiko

One of our favorite singer-songwriters, Meiko, who performed at Vassar last May, released a new version of her CD today.

On her MySpace page, Meiko writes:
"Hey Everybody!!!!! Soooooo........

My record is officially on sale on iTunes today!!

Woooooo-Hooooo! I'm soooo excited! This is a a really big day for me!) I think i might cry. Ha ha! Ahhhhhhh!"

On another post, she writes:
"This shit is so personal....
I gotta get thicker skin. Im acting like a pussy...

I will be strong! and conquer my 1st day in 6th grade feelings! But I will still sit in the back and draw pictures of unicorns."

The CD is available on iTunes.

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