August 24, 2008

Randy Cohen Offers More Advice To Vassar

Megan Habermann, The Assistant Director of Campus Activities, wrote in to Randy Cohen's column "The Ethicist" about a wheelchair that was stolen during last Spring's Commencement ceremony. Randy Cohen, who spoke at the Commencement, responds in today's New York Times Magazine.

Megan writes, "At Vassar College where I work, we lent six wheelchairs to families attending commencement, but only five were returned. During the ceremony, a student’s grandmother moved from a wheelchair to a folding chair. When she went back for the wheelchair, it was gone [...] The family offered the replacement cost, $500. Should we accept?"

Mr. Cohen suggests that Vassar can but shouldn't take the money. He concludes, "I was the commencement speaker at Vassar during the (probable) theft. I swear I didn’t do it. And I’ve got thousands of witnesses. If the chair was stolen, not just misplaced, my speech was sadly unpersuasive."


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I heart Megan Habermann.

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