August 7, 2008

What We're Reading

It looks like one of Vassar's favorite DJs, Girl Talk, may be facing some legal troubles. An article in today's New York Times discusses just how Greg Gillis gets away with using over three hundred samples on his latest album.

"Girl Talk’s rising profile has put him at the forefront of a group of musicians who are challenging the traditional restrictions of copyright law along with the usual role of samples in pop music...

Girl Talk is taking this [mash-up] genre to a mainstream audience with raucous performances that often end with his shirt off and much of the audience onstage."

Sounds about right.

Related: Check out for clips from Girl Talk's performance at Vassar last February.


Anonymous said...

yo that shit is WACK. girl talk makes so many of those songs sound better than they did before, the artists should be happy he's sampling their songs. stfu spoiled assholes

Anonymous said...

Um, that picture is gross. WTF is under his arm? And the sweating? Is it necessary in closeup? Really? Yuck.

Respire said...


Every picture of Girl Talk (as Girl Talk, not as Greg Gillis) looks like that