September 30, 2008

California Students Also Fighting For Inclusion

While the VSA recently announced support for a recommendation that Vassar admits undocumeted students, about 2,000 students met today in California to pressure Governor Schwarzenegger to sign the DREAM (California Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act.

The DREAM Act will make it easier for undocumented students to attend colleges and receive financial aid.

It looks like this is becoming a big movement across college campuses nationwide.

DayGloToga...Not Scantily Clad!

According to sources, Cushing will be turning away partygoers dressed in "inappropriate clothing" from this Saturday's DayGlo/Toga Party.

This decision obviously comes in response to various Cushing residents encouraging others to come dressed scantily clad, keeping that tradition alive.

Update: Cushing President Mat Leonard '11 tells Mads this is "not true." Togas will be provided at the door, but no one will be turned away.

Another DayGlo rumor put to rest.

Vassar Film Festival In DC

Apparently the Vassar Alumni Association has been hosting a film festival for Vassar alumni filmmakers for the past few years in Washington DC. This year's festival is taking place on October 18th at GW University.

Some of the films submitted were made by Vassar professors and last year's seniors.

Gender-Neutral Attempts Continue

The VSA has been working on a new statement regarding the gender-neutral housing initiative, according to the Misc.

The statement will be voted on at next week's Council meeting.

Click here
to read more about it.

Jazz Tonight

Check out Captain Coconut in the Mug tonight!

Brought to you by ViCE Jazz.

September 29, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

A certain famous Vassar dropout got quite candid in a recent interview with Esquire magazine, according to various reports. She supposedly admitted her passion for...well read it for yourself.

Vassar Working Towards Inclusion

The VSA endorsed an important recommendation from the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence (CIE) at last night's Council meeting, bringing Vassar one step closer to admitting undocumented students.

From the recommendation:
Giving equal consideration to undocumented student applicants is consistent with principled and inclusive spirit of the College.”

Read more about last night's decision here.

September 28, 2008

Raymond Tie Broken

The VSA appointed Esther Clowney '12 as the Raymond Freshman Rep at tonight's VSA Council meeting.

Esther had been in a tie with Zachary Lobel since the results came in last Thursday.

Cushing Doesn't Quit With Scantily Clad

A Cushing tipster has just informed us that a group of Cushing residents wants to keep the Scantily Clad tradition alive by coming to this weekend's DayGlo/Toga Party, well, scantily clad. They are also encouraging others to do the same.

"Day-glo panties are way better than day-glo togas," the tipster tells Mads.

Update: Mat Leonard '11, the Cushing President, writes: "I don't know who said that, but it is not true. THIS IS NOT SCANTILY CLAD. Cushing does NOT want people to treat it as such."

There you have it.

High Holiday Schedule

Here is the VJU's schedule for Rosh Hashanah, which begins tomorrow at sundown.

Monday, September 29th
6:00 pm – Evening Service in the Aula
7:00 pm – Kosher, catered dinner* in the CC MPR

Tuesday, September 30th
10:00 am – Morning Service in the Aula
12:00 pm – Kiddush & Light Snack in the Aula
12:30 pm – Tashlich Service at Sunset Lake
6:00 pm – Evening Service in the Aula
7:00 pm – Kosher, catered dinner* in the CC MPR

Wednesday, October 1st
10:00 am – Morning Service in the Aula
12:00 pm – Kiddush & Light Snack in the Aula

*For all meals, please pay at the door (one meal swipe or $10)

A Message Of Equality

Earth Science Professor Jill Schneiderman is the subject of a post this morning on the Family Equality Council Blog. The post tells how Professor Schneiderman has lived in Joss with her partner and their two children for the past four years.

The family is being featured in an upcoming Vassar publication for prospective students.

Says the article: "Vassar is known for its LGBT-friendliness, but few colleges can say that they present their LGBT faculty families to the world-at-large. We congratulate Vassar for increasing the visibility of our families, and we celebrate Jill, Meg, Caleb and Tillie, who build support for LGBT families just by being one…while being surrounded by +230 college students at all hours of the day!"

September 27, 2008

2012 Parents Invade Campus

This weekend marks Freshmen Parents Weekend.

Click here for the full schedule of events.

September 26, 2008

What We're Listening To

It's here.

Food Committee and VSA Drama

The meal plan drama continues. Food Committee Chair Danny McBee '10 is very unhappy with the VSA's proposed Meal Plan Resolution, according to new reports.

In an online article posted moments ago, the Misc reports that McBee "sharply criticized" the resolution. McBee is quoted as writing, “Since this resolution is such news, you might want to know that they really messed up the math,” in an email to the newspaper.

"For the standard meal plan, someone who spent $6 or more at ACDC for a meal last year would be better off on the all you care to eat plan, not the à la carte plan,” McBee also wrote in an email to VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09.

Comedian On Campus Tonight

ViCE Special Events brings you comedian Baron Vaughn tonight in UpC at 8pm.

His act will run for about an hour, followed immediately by a screening of the Presidential Debate in UpC at 9.

September 25, 2008

*Breaking News* Charlie Speaks!

Mads got in touch with the new Class of 2012 President Charlie Nicholson.

Here's what Charlie has to say about his win, which was announced earlier tonight:

"Hey class of 2012, peekaboo! You guys mean a lot to me. I am really excited that you've chosen me for this juicy opportunity. All the candidates and I have had a titilating week working toward this election. I really want to tell them, "grand job!" because they are all wonderful people. I live in Jewett 306, you are all invited to sleep over or sing carols of whatever... THIS IS GOING TO BE A MONSTER YEAR. I am in the libary now, so I can't scream too loud, but when YOU read this, scream, because it is. goingtobeamonsteryear. bye."

There you have it! Congratulations to all of the 2012 winners.

2012 Results In!

The VSA just posted the 2012 elections results on their website. The results were announced earlier this evening.

From the VSA website:

*Breaking News* Nicholson Wins 2012 Prez

The 2012 election results were released earlier tonight.

Charlie Nicholson '12 of Jewett won Class President.

In case you missed it, check out our exclusive interview with Charlie here.

Awkward Turn Out For Kolbert Q&A

Unfortunately only nine people turned out for author Elizabeth Kolbert's Q&A session, which began in UpC moments ago.

Kolbert will be speaking again at 5:30 in UpC.


"She makes a man want to speak Spanish."
- Economist Jeffrey Sachs on singer Shakira, both of whom spoke at Columbia University today. Sachs spoke at Vassar last Spring.

Photo courtesy of the

Student Singer-Songwriters Tonight!

ViCE After Hours, the group that brought you Eric Hutchinson a few weeks ago, is holding its Fall Showcase tonight. There will be performances from fifteen student singer-songwriters.

TONIGHT 8pm in the Aula (Ely Hall)
Check it out!

September 24, 2008


More details have been released on ViCE's upcoming MSTRKRFT show.

Four additional professional DJ acts will be opening, including LA Riots.

The show will be starting promptly at 9:30pm in UpC on October 11th. You have to have your Vassar ID to get in, and visitors must be registered and have passes.

Mads is soo excited!

Vassar Hit By National Economic Crisis

According to tomorrow's Misc, Vassar has been negatively affected by the fall of some of Wall Street's major investment firms in the past few weeks.

The Vice President for Finance and Administration, Elizabeth Eismeier tells the Misc: “With roughly 30 percent of our operating budget support provided by investment return on the endowment, it is inevitable that the losses in the capital markets will impact Vassar’s near term financial plans."

Yikes! Could this mean yet another increase in tuition?

Read more about it here.

On Tomorrow's Cover

The cover story of tomorrow's Misc is on the completion of Prentiss Field.

The editorial is also worth checking out, with the editors writing about the controversial bookstore relocation project.

MSTRKRFT Finally Confirmed!

We hinted at this weeks ago, but ViCE has finally confirmed that MSTRKRFT will be coming to Vassar next month.

The DJ duo will be spinning in UpC on October 11th. You must have your Vassar ID to get in. More info to come!

Check out this brief clip for the event.

It's Wednesday, Which Means...

...Chili in the Retreat AND 80's Night in the Mug!

DJ Timespace and DJ Levar would like to remind you to request songs on the 80's Night Facebook group

Take a study break and go dance to the 80's classics.
TONIGHT (Wednesday)
10-2am in the Mug!

New 2011 Tee Designs Released

The Class of 2011 just released the above two designs for limited-edition tee shirts.

While 2011 will be the ones selling the shirts, this is not the "2011 tee shirt," we're told. These shirts are intended for all students, not just sophomores.

Update: Sorry that the second image keeps changing...we're having some technical difficulties. This should be the correct version of the design.

Update #2: Apparently this isn't the right version either, the artist tells us. Check out Grhyzzly's site for the correct design.

September 23, 2008

Meet Me In Poughkeepsie Events Announced

The list of activities for the VSA's upcoming "Meet Me in Poughkeepsie" day on October 10th has been announced. The 30 events hosted by different organizations and dorms are free to those who sign up. 

Click here for the list of activities and more information about signing up.

(By the way, the poster for this event is another one of Grhyzzly's creations.)

Vassar Prof Speaking Out Against Econ "Bailout"

Professor of Economics Paul Ruud (not Paul Rudd) has taken to the blogosphere to comment on the government's bailout of major corporations during the recent financial crisis.

Professor Ruud is one of many signatures by economics professors on an "open letter" to the Senate.

Here's an excerpt:
"As economists, we want to express to Congress our great concern for the plan proposed by Treasury Secretary Paulson to deal with the financial crisis. We are well aware of the difficulty of the current financial situation and we agree with the need for bold action to ensure that the financial system continues to function. We see three fatal pitfalls in the currently proposed plan..."

Join The Daisy Chain

The Class of 2009 is looking for sophomores to get involved in this year's Daisy Chain.

What is the Daisy Chain? It's one of Vassar's oldest traditions, dating back to the late 1800's.

Sophomores: Check out the info session on Wednesday, Sept. 24th from 8-9pm in Rocky 300. Find out how to get involved and what you will be doing.

September 22, 2008

2012 Voting Now Open

Voting for the 2012 elections opened to freshmen one hour ago and will close Wednesday night at 8pm. 

Click here to vote. 

In case you missed it, check out our interviews with the following presidential candidates:
Michael Mestitz
Carson Robinson
Todd Densen
Charlie Dobb
Charlie Nicholson
Elizabeth Ilechko

Audition for Unbound

The Unbound student theatre ensemble is holding auditions for various productions this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The time and location for the auditions are TBA.

The poster above is only one of several plays you can audition for!

Update: Auditions are Thursday and Friday, both 6-8pm and 10-11pm, and Saturday 1-4pm on the second floor of Rocky.

By Word Of Mouth

The possible replacement for one of Vassar's most entertaining (and erotic) dorm parties has now been announced. We hear that the party might happen second semester, but it is highly unlikely.

Meet Your Candidates!

We've got election fever over here at the Mads Vassar Blog, and it's not for McCain or Obama. Voting for the 2012 elections (open only to freshmen) begins tonight.

Mads is bringing you the information to help you choose between the eleven candidates for President. Check out our exclusive mini-interviews with the candidates. We've got six so far, and we're expecting to put up more throughout the day.

Click on the names below for our interviews with:
Michael Mestitz
Carson Robinson
Todd Densen
Charlie Dobb
Charlie Nicholson
Elizabeth Ilechko

Check back later for more candidates!

Meet The 2012 Candidtes: Elizabeth Ilechko

Here is our sixth installment of "Meet The Candidates," with our exclusive interview with Elizabeth Ilechko '12.

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?
Elizabeth Ilechko: Though I might not be the most experienced candidate, I know what people want. I've met so many amazing people since I've been here and I want to help them get there points across without overreaching my position or making false promises to my constituents. I'm a realist, and I feel as though I can lead the class of 2012 honestly, but still make this year LYK-O-M-G-SO-MUCH-FUN.

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far?
I'd have to say my favorite part was Serenading. Despite the fact that I couldn't see for most of it because I lost my glasses, the madness of running around covered in ketchup and chocolate sauce was probably one of the more exciting things I've done in my life.

What campus issues are most important to you?
I believe the issue of the meal plan is the most important issue at hand, especially for the freshman who will have to endure it for the next four years. However, I don't think that it's something that we personally can overcome; it's the administration who, in the long run, decide what they think is best for the school. More reasonably, (and possibly just as important), I'd like to see the VSA work with the freshman class on the issues revolving around the change of venue of the bookstore. I think it's something not enough of the class of 2012 are aware of. Though the plans are fairly set, I think that the situation has not been presented well enough to the class, and that we should be able to have some kind of say in the way things are going to go.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?
The comedian Demetri Martin once said, "You have to be a friend, to have a friend (unless you're really cool, that's a loophole)." But I believe it's possible to be awesome and a friend at the same time, and that's what I'm here to do. I want to know you, I already know many of you, and I think that being a friend is the first way to bond with your classmates. I'm open to meeting anyone, and I think my openness is one of my most redeeming qualities. As your president, I'll be someone who listens to you, and cares what you have to say. You'll never have to worry about finding a person to lean on.

What's something that people might not know about you?
At camp in the summer before 6th grade, I won a screaming contest. So I'm definitely not afraid to voice the opinions of the fantastically fanciful freshman class of 2012.

September 21, 2008

Meet The 2012 Candidates: Charlie Nicholson

Here is your fifth candidate, Charlie Nicholson '12. 

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?
Charlie Nicholson: I am interested in what other people think, what they want, and how bad they want it.

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far? 
Eating with my fellowship, my friends, strangers in ACDC.

What campus issues are most important to you?

Alcohol and drug abuse.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?

I am running because I want to serve. I don't have an personal agenda beside working toward a cleaner, more efficient, more outrageous and goofy college.

What's something that people might not know about you?
I like eating hair.

VSA Urges Meal Plan Resolution

The VSA drew up a resolution to the new meal plan which passed at tonight's VSA council meeting 21:1. In an all campus email sent moments ago, VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 has outlined the proposed resolution.

According to the resolution, the VSA has issue with ACDC's expensive pricing and the fact that individuals cannot enter the dining halls without paying.

The resolution closes with a statement of support for a new meal plan, reading: "The VSA COUNCIL STRONGLY SUPPORTS a new meal plan, taking the concerns of the VSA into account, to be implemented for the Spring 2009 semester."

What do you think of the VSA's resolutions?

Your First Look

Here's your first look at the poster for the upcoming DayGlo/Toga Party hosted by Cushing and Noyes, with support from Vassar Teknowledgy. It looks like our friends DJ Olmec and Respire will be DJing.

Meet The 2012 Candidates: Charlie Dobb

Here's number four, our interview with Charlie Dobb '12.

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?
Charlie Dobb: I think I've shown through this campaign what qualifies me: determination. I had big ideas for this campaign, and I made them happen. I refused to run another predictable school leadership campaign, full of bad slogans and poorly composed posters punning on current cultural figures. I wanted to run a campaign that appealed to my constituency as adults, and I think I achieved it. The campaign has a website ( and a distinct look and feel, in other words, I had a vision and saw it through. That kind of ability, to execute ideas (particularly the ideas of the class) make me an excellent candidate for president of the class of 2012!

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far?
My favorite moment, by far, has been "Gays of Our Lives." It was something small, but in it was the essence of a progressive school, that wasn't afraid to take risks and spit in the face of establishment if it truly saw a value in its rebellion. "Gays of Our Lives" was entertaining, great for inter-grade relationships (I still talk to a number of the panel members everyday in the hallways), and eye-opening on the subject of gender identification and "queer" culture. It served as an example for the freedoms the student body has here at Vassar.

What campus issues are most important to you?
There are really 3 campus issues that I see as pressing: environmental sensitivity, gender-neutral housing, and the extension of a need blind financial aid policy. These are all broad, and I realize that they are widely recognized and discussed, but that makes them no less important. It should be the school's number one priority, beyond ALL things, that every student feel comfortable on campus, and gender-neutral housing and a progressive financial aid program are crucial aspects of this comfort. And the environment is a given, it is every institutions responsibility to take ownership of its carbon footprint and work to change it, on whatever scale it can manage.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?
If voter's take nothing else from my platform, it should be that if I'm president the constituency ACTUALLY has a voice. I'm not talking about having office hours, or keeping an open ear, I mean that all members of the class of 2012 will have the opportunity to comment on ALL major policy issues through a wall and/or polls (see for an idea of what this will look like). It is time to end the tirrany of leaders who "hope" that they're following their constituents wishes and put in place a leader who knows he is!

Meet The 2012 Candidates: Todd Densen

Here is the third installment, our interview with Todd Densen '12. 

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?
Todd Densen: I am very familiar with the way Student government here runs. After attending issues forums, as well as the VSA meeting just this past sunday, I know that I am the right fit for this board. It needs someone who not only respects his/her own opinion, but to sometimes compromise with the other board members, i.e. calls of 2009 president, 2010, 2012, house presidents etc..., to do what is best for Vassar. I know that I will value fostering compromise and overall be effective in voicing 2012's opinions to the rest of the board.

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far?
Running for president, hopefully that will change to being your president. I have met so many new people and learned so much about what is important here at Vassar. I am so passionate about making a difference at our school and this is my way to do that.

What campus issues are most important to you?
The meal plan. After attending the VSA weekly meeting and watching VSA action pass to make recommendations to the meal plan, I think we as students have taken the first steps. When the Vassar higher ups get back to the students I will be ready to fight for what is necessary to reach a sound alternative to the current system. I will promote options that will save Vassar students money, and give them the opportunity to control how they use their meal plan.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?
My platform and positions are shaped by you, Vassar students. I enjoy talking to each and everyone of you about all sorts of issues. Someone just today told me they were unhappy that some issues on campus are ones that freshmen aren't informed of. I told her that I would like for the first VSA council meeting in the future to be scheduled during orientation so that every student can right from the beginning of the year know what is effecting them and how to help

What's something that people might not know about you?
I enjoy lengthy walks on the beach during the colder seasons. It is so peaceful and serene.

Meet The 2012 Candidates: Carson Robinson

Here is the second installment of "Meet The Candidates," featuring Carson Robinson '12.

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?

Carson Robinson: I know what the Class President actually does, because I’ve talked to past and current Class Presidents. I think that’s the most important thing, in terms of how effective I will be at accomplishing “official” things, like getting gender neutral housing and wheelchair accessibility. I also have a lot of school spirit, and especially class spirit! I can be a really good symbol for this class. I also have leadership experience, you know, like peer mentoring, activism, TA-ing and all that.

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far?Way too hard to choose! Serenading (yes! I know it’s really wasteful and I definitely want to think critically about, but you know it was fun!), Gays of Our Lives, Cushing’s Hot Seat, the rave, Latin Night, it’s all been amazing. And I love my classes to death. They’re so interesting.

What campus issues are most important to you?
Again, I can’t really make up my mind. Gender-neutral housing, financial and physical accessibility, the bookstore, the meal plan, and sustainability are all really important to me. I also have ideas about academics, like interdepartmental integration. What I really care about right now, and this is something that will be solely my responsibility as President, is establishing my class’s presence at this school. It’s not really an issue, but it’s a very relevant task that I really want to take on.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?
I want to devote my time to campus life AND academics. They’re both really important. I have pretty much the same platform as everyone else running, except the bookstore. I think some candidates like the bookstore move. I don’t. But it’s about what the class wants, and what the professors want, because they really need us to be able to get our books on time. That’s the most important thing.

What's something that people might not know about you?I was voted “best dancer” in the senior yearbook poll last year. My Student Fellow totally loves that and mentions that every day. The reason I won that is that I was going to be voted “best ass” but they had to take that out. I also wrote a totally killer senior thesis last year, about the relationship between modern physics and Eastern mysticism. My physics teacher actually asked me for a copy, because she was inspired by how I presented the topics of relativity and quantum theory.

Meet The 2012 Candidates: Michael Mestitz

Here is the first installment of "Meet the Candidates" for the 2012 elections. We'll be putting up exclusive interviews with all of the presidential candidates before voting begins tomorrow night.

Michael Mestitz '12 answered some questions for us via email.

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?
Michael Mestitz: I have loads of experience from high school- Judiciary Board, sports captain, paper editor, thespian president, and a member of the Student Interaction Committee. And, although I of course recognize that college is worlds different, that's still indicative of an ability to organize, communicate, advocate, and lead. In addition, I've already been familiarizing myself with the VSA system- this evening was the second VSA council that I've sat in on, and I attended the Meal Plan Forum earlier this week. I love to meet and talk with people, and I'd be honored to keep doing what I did at my old school: represent my peers!

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far?
I've loved just meeting all the students here! Like a lot of people, I was drawn to Vassar in part for its intelligent, quirky student body, and in high school I made an effort to find those people and spend time with them. Here, it's like, "Woah! EVERYONE'S the smart, quirky kid!" It's great. If I had to choose a specific moment, I think it might be the Brewer Games, or maybe going over to my professor's house for a play reading. So quintesentially "Small Liberal Arts College!"

What campus issues are most important to you?
I think the meal plan has been getting a lot of exposure, and I think that there's plenty of opportunity for improvement. That said, a great deal of work is already being dedicated to that issue, so I'd love to see some of the other issues put forward: gender-neutral housing, sustainability on campus, and financial aid improvement, to touch on a few issues that cropped up in the debates this evening.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?
I'm the person who can listen to your voices, go out and get your opinions, then go to VSA Council every Sunday and stand up and speak to the desires of the class. "The class president" isn't about being some grand paragon; it's about being a liason between your grade and the Council, and I know that I can be a persuasive and approachable representative of the class of 2012. It's weird double-edged sword: to be friendly and approachable, and to be determined, pursuasive, and outspoken. I can handle the paradox.

What's something that people might not know about you?
Well, people can probably figure this one out, but I'm a total nerd. I love reading and discussion, and I'm pretty great at Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. I never managed Halo: the camera and turning and targeting... It doesn't work out well.

Quidditch Becomes An Org

The VSA certified Vassar's Quidditch team as an official organization at tonight's VSA council meeting.


Former Vassar President Frances Daly Fergusson was spotted giving a speech at yesterday's Prentiss Field dedication.

According to the Misc, President Fergusson said, "Our fields of dreams have become a reality."

Update: Ok, to clarify, that picture is from 2005 Commencement, not from yesterday's dedication.

Photo courtesy NY Times, 2005.

Debate Going On Now

A debate is going on now for the 2012 presidential candidates.

Check back later tonight and tomorrow for mini-interviews with the candidates.

Voting (for 2012ers) begins tomorrow!

What We're Reading

This week's edition of The New York Times Magazine is "the college issue." Check it out here.

This article on the "Tell-All Campus Tour," which we actually came across just a few days ago, is particularly worth checking out. (The link to the site doesn't seem to be working, though.)

September 20, 2008

Vassar Shout Out In New Movie

A reader tells us that Vassar gets a shout out in the new movie Hamlet 2.

When Amy Poehler, who plays an ACLU lawyer, is interviewed by a Spanish language television news program, she says, "Uh, I studied French at Vassar."

September 19, 2008

Britney Gives Us More

Britney's new single "Womanizer" will be released in full on Monday, but this short clip made its way on to the internet earlier today.

Click here for a listen.

This isn't exactly Vassar related, but we're sure it will be playing in the Mug for the next few months.

2012 Elections...So Many Candidates!

An updated list of candidates and their statements for the 2012 elections is now available online. Below are some of the candidates.

President: Alex Harrison Brody, Carson Robinson, Charlie Dobb, Charlie Nicholson, Cordelia Elaiho, Elizabeth Ilechko, Kaylen Jones, Michael Mestitz, Mitchell Gilburne, Nishan Subedi, Todd Densen, Violet Edelman

Vice President: Angela Rhoads, Dorothy Thomas, Lindsey Andon, Salina Sabri, Samantha Thompson, Tanay Tatum

Secretary: Pamela Vogel

Treasurer: Alexander Cheung, Caner Malkarali, Joe Schiavo, Zheyang Zie,

House Freshmen Representatives:
Cushing: Julia Ann Meade, Mrinmayee Patil
Jewett: Daryl Antonio Duran, Emily Sweeney, Hannah Tatar
Joss: Jonathan Wood
Lathrop: Brett Anker, Eric Weiner, Julia Nethero
Main: Adam Steel, Allison Tilden, Andrew Gaines, Andrew Schair
Strong: Akari Anderson, Celine Teo Ying Zhen
Noyes: Hannah Grace Groch-Begley
Raymond: Esther Clowney, Zachary Lobel

This Weekend On Campus

Here it is, our list of stuff worth checking out this weekend:

Shakespeare Play, Martel Theater 8pm
Film League presents I'm Not There, Blodgett 8pm
Stand Up Comedy from Indecent Exposure, Shiva 9pm
Poder Latino Mug Night, Mug 10pm

Caribbean Students Alliance presents J'Ouvert, Frandrangle 3pm
Shakespeare Play, Martel Theater 8pm
Film League presents I'm Not There, Blodgett 8pm

Email for publicity.

September 18, 2008

More College Rankings...Vassar At #9

A website called the Global Language Monitor has put out its own set of college and university rankings. According to the group's website, the rankings were determined based on a school's "appearance in the global print and electronic media, as well as on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere."

The Language Monitor's top ten colleges are:
1. Colorado College
2. Williams College
3. University of Richmond
4. Middlebury College
5. Wellesley College
6. Bucknell University
7. Amherst College
8. Oberlin College
9. Vassar College

10. Pomona College

With so many rankings coming out now, they're starting to lose their meaning. Take it for what it's worth.

NoVICE Tonight

Check out the NoViCE show in the Mug tonight, featuring:

Intelligence (Seattle, WA)
Eat Skull (Portland, OR)
Little Claw (Portland, OR)
Yuppies (Omaha, NE)

Tonight! 9pm! Free!

You can also check out the new NoVICE blog here.

September 17, 2008

On Tomorrow's Cover

The cover story of tomorrow's Misc is "Sustainability takes root at Vassar."

From the article:
"Over the past few years, “sustainability” has become a buzzword on college and university campuses around the world, and Vassar is no exception. The College has been making a determined effort to go green since the 1970s, and with more information coming out each year detailing the effects of climate change, that effort has only gained momentum. From instituting a composting system in the All Campus Dining Center (ACDC), to switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs in the Town Houses, to posting the schedule of classes online instead of on paper, Vassar is taking more and more steps each year to reduce its environmental impact."

You can check out the full article here.

And The Candidates Are...

Some of the candidates for the 2012 elections have been posted on the VSA website.

President - Michael Mestitz
Treasurer - Zheyang Xie

Cushing Rep - Mrinmayee Patil, Julia Meade
Joss Rep - Jonathan Wood
Lathrop Rep - Julia Nethero
Noyes Rep - Hannah Groch-Begley
Raymond Rep - Esther Clowney

More candidates will be posted on the VSA site soon.

Eric Hutchinson On Jay Leno

Eric Hutchinson performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

In case you missed it, check out our interview with Eric here.

80s Night Returns To The Mug!

80s night is back for good and will be in the Mug tonight!

DJ Timespace and DJ Levar will be bringing you some of the decade's greatest hits from 10-2am. See you there!

September 16, 2008

Jazz Night Tonight

It's Tuesday night, which means ViCE Jazz Night in the Mug.

The Attic will be performing at 10:30.

Our First Birthday!

Mads turns 1 year old today!

We started this blog a year ago and we couldn't be happier with its evolution and success. This site has gone through lots of changes over the last year, and we think they've been for the best.

As always, we invite you to let us know how we're doing. Leave a comment or send us an email at

Thank you to all of the people and groups, on campus and off, who have helped us along the way.

Thanks for reading! We've got some exciting new stuff planned for the coming weeks, so keep checking for updates.

Beating The System

Hating the new Facebook layout? Well, it seems like an application is making its way around the social networking site that can restore users' pages to the original layout.

Check it out here!

Two Forums To Address Student Issues

The VSA will be holding a forum today to discuss the controversial new meal plan. If you've got something to say (chances are you do) then you should check this out.

Campus Issues Forum
TODAY (Tuesday)
7pm in the Aula

Another important forum will be held tomorrow to discuss the bookstore relocation project. Betsy Eismeir, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, will be running this meeting.

Bookstore Forum
TOMORROW (Wednesday)
5pm in Rocky 300

Update: Note that the Bookstore Forum is 5pm, not 7pm as previously posted.

Also On Thursday

If you're looking to get off campus for a concert this week but Marist is just too far, a band named Kagero will be coming to the Cubbyhole on Thursday. Kagero is a "Japanese Gypsy Rock" band from Brooklyn. "The music is very fun and upbeat, with a world music flair," Kagero's manager tells Mads.

Check them out on September 18th, 9pm at the Cubbyhole.

Lupe At Marist

Lupe Fiasco, who performed at Vassar back a few years ago, will be performing at Marist this Thursday at 9pm.

Tickets are $15 for students with ID. You can reserve tickets by calling 575-3000 and asking for Campus Activities.

And just for kicks, here's a throwback clip from Lupe's performance at Vassar.

September 15, 2008

Jane Fonda Story...So False!

When prospective students pass Main dorm during tours of Vassar, they are usually told a story about how Jane Fonda attended afternoon tea wearing nothing but white gloves and pearls.

Well, according to a Vassar tour guide, an alumna on a tour today told the guide that this story is completely false.

"I went here when Jane Fonda did," the alumna said, adding that the story is "apocryphal."

Oh well, we still believe it!

Check These Out!

We recently found that we're linked to lots of other college blog sites.

How nice of them!

Here are some good ones to check out...
Skidmore Unofficial
The Bwog (Columbia)

Ronson Back On The Market

Record producer and celebrity Vassar alumnus Mark Ronson and his girlfriend have broken up, according to Perez. He was dating Gavin Rossdale's 19-year-old daughter Daisy.

(Yes, Mark is Samantha's brother. And yes, that brings us thismuchcloser to Lindsay Lohan.)

September 14, 2008

SoCo Positions Finally Filled

The remaining positions for the South Commons officers were filled at tonight's VSA meeting.

Jordan Stern was appointed President, Jordana Morgan was appointed Programming Director, and Katherine Becker was appointed Treasurer.


It looks like Grhyzzly's latest project is the VSA window in the College Center.

September 13, 2008

Olmec Also Tonight

If you need a break from ABC tonight, check out DJ Olmec spinning all night long in the Mug. He will be playing mainly electro-house stuff, we're told.

Check out the Mug from 12-2am.

In case you missed it, check out our interview with DJ Olmec from a few weeks ago.

ABC Tonight!

The first Villard Room party of the school year is just a few hours away...

Anything But Cloth
Hosted by Jewett, Lathrop, and Contrast

Featuring runway models and a screening of Project Runway. The remaining "A" of DJ Asslaughter will be DJing.

Tonight, 10-2am Villard Room

September 12, 2008

Check This Out

One of our favorite student musicians, Photosynthesis, will be performing on campus tonight! The Wailing Wall and Red Sled Choir will also be performing.

Tonight, basement of Lathrop, 8pm.
(Suggested donation of $2.)

September 11, 2008

Live Blogging (Sort Of) From Columbia

Our correspondents at Columbia are keeping us up to date with Obama and McCain's speeches at the university tonight.

You can also click here for more liveblogging from our friends at the Bwog.

8:57 - Tobey Macguire spoke and he was sooo good. McCain just finished and now Obama is on. People are shitting their pants, duh.

9:01 - McCain was talking about senior citizens and goes, 'It's a fact that people are living longer. I'm proof!' and then a second later he giggled and pretended to fall asleep snoring. Everyone laughed.

9:15 - Obama goes, 'When I graduated from Columbia...' and then there was a lot of applause and these football guys gave each other bear hugs and slapped each other on the backs.

This Weekend On Campus

Everyone at Vassar knows the weekend starts on Thursday night. We're back with this school year's first installment of "This Weekend on Campus." Here's our list of the events definitely worth checking out this weekend.

A Capella Preview Concert, 7:30pm Villard Room
NoViCE Outdoor Concert, 8pm Sunset Hill
Comedy Preview Show, 10pm Sanders

Small Concert, 8pm Lathrop Basement
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly screening, 8pm Blodgett
Shiva Rave, 9pm Shiva
WVKR Mug Night, The Mug

Girls Volleyball vs. Montclair State, 12pm Kenyon
Girls Volleyball vs. Wesleyan, 4pm Kenyon

Anything But Cloth, 10pm Villard Room

Email for publicity.

Obama And McCain At Columbia

Obama and McCain are speaking at Columbia University tonight.

According to the event schedule, McCain will be speaking at 8pm, with Obama following at 9pm. Each candidate will speak for half an hour.

Governor Patterson and actor Tobey Macguire will also be speaking, as well as the Columbia President.

Check back for live blogging from our Barnard correspondents...

NoViCE Outdoors Tonight

NoViCE will be outdoors tonight for its first show of the year.

Kick off your weekend with a concert featuring...
Lau Nau
Teeth Mountain

You can also check out the NoViCE blog here.

TONIGHT 8PM ON SUNSET HILL (between the lake and Walker)