September 19, 2008

2012 Elections...So Many Candidates!

An updated list of candidates and their statements for the 2012 elections is now available online. Below are some of the candidates.

President: Alex Harrison Brody, Carson Robinson, Charlie Dobb, Charlie Nicholson, Cordelia Elaiho, Elizabeth Ilechko, Kaylen Jones, Michael Mestitz, Mitchell Gilburne, Nishan Subedi, Todd Densen, Violet Edelman

Vice President: Angela Rhoads, Dorothy Thomas, Lindsey Andon, Salina Sabri, Samantha Thompson, Tanay Tatum

Secretary: Pamela Vogel

Treasurer: Alexander Cheung, Caner Malkarali, Joe Schiavo, Zheyang Zie,

House Freshmen Representatives:
Cushing: Julia Ann Meade, Mrinmayee Patil
Jewett: Daryl Antonio Duran, Emily Sweeney, Hannah Tatar
Joss: Jonathan Wood
Lathrop: Brett Anker, Eric Weiner, Julia Nethero
Main: Adam Steel, Allison Tilden, Andrew Gaines, Andrew Schair
Strong: Akari Anderson, Celine Teo Ying Zhen
Noyes: Hannah Grace Groch-Begley
Raymond: Esther Clowney, Zachary Lobel


Anonymous said...

Either there's a lot of extroverted people in 2012, or they haven't yet realized that we were all once presidents of 10 different organizations in high school. You're not particularly special.

Anonymous said...

i'm one of those extroverted people running!! come to the candidates debate on sunday at 5 in the villard room, hosted by the miscellany news. it's gonna be awesssome!

Anonymous said...

Another frosh should really run For NOYES representative

Anonymous said...

5:31 - Over the three years I've been here, most of the people running in freshmen elections did that. Hell, even some people running in elections last spring did that.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all!

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