September 25, 2008

*Breaking News* Charlie Speaks!

Mads got in touch with the new Class of 2012 President Charlie Nicholson.

Here's what Charlie has to say about his win, which was announced earlier tonight:

"Hey class of 2012, peekaboo! You guys mean a lot to me. I am really excited that you've chosen me for this juicy opportunity. All the candidates and I have had a titilating week working toward this election. I really want to tell them, "grand job!" because they are all wonderful people. I live in Jewett 306, you are all invited to sleep over or sing carols of whatever... THIS IS GOING TO BE A MONSTER YEAR. I am in the libary now, so I can't scream too loud, but when YOU read this, scream, because it is. goingtobeamonsteryear. bye."

There you have it! Congratulations to all of the 2012 winners.