September 5, 2008

Dining Listens And Responds To Comments

Now that the updated ACDC is in full service mode, it's clear that not all of the changes are going smoothly. Today, however, notices on the tables outline what additional changes will be made in response to students' comments. These changes include:

The return of Fro Yo.
More panini options, now available at the Flavors station.
A second grill at Matt's Grille which will make lines shorter.
More self-serve stir fry stations.

In addition, Java City will soon be open from 8am to 10am for small items and coffee.

Our main concern is the time it takes to get your food. It took Mads 25 minutes a few days ago to get a quesadilla. That being said, it is still the first week of classes and things will hopefully work themselves out.

Comments for Campus Dining are encouraged and should be directed to


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is upc open?

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fro yo!