September 26, 2008

Food Committee and VSA Drama

The meal plan drama continues. Food Committee Chair Danny McBee '10 is very unhappy with the VSA's proposed Meal Plan Resolution, according to new reports.

In an online article posted moments ago, the Misc reports that McBee "sharply criticized" the resolution. McBee is quoted as writing, “Since this resolution is such news, you might want to know that they really messed up the math,” in an email to the newspaper.

"For the standard meal plan, someone who spent $6 or more at ACDC for a meal last year would be better off on the all you care to eat plan, not the à la carte plan,” McBee also wrote in an email to VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09.


Anonymous said...

i agree with their resolution. the whole system is too expensive

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the resolution. VSA I support you!

Anonymous said...

interesting that mcbee disagrees but i think that jimmy and the vsa were right to make a strong stand against the plan

Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of McBee agreeing or disagreeing -- it's a matter of VSA doing the MATH wrong, which is the whole premise of their resolution. Read the article, people.

Anonymous said...

The whole resolution was obviously over arching and aggressive!

The VSA's job was to make the administration aware that there was a problem, and offer a few REASONABLE solutions for its resolution. Not to say you screwed up, deal with it. Diplomacy is about making the other side agree with you, and working towards a mutual solution. Not just pissing them off cause you can.