September 21, 2008

Meet The 2012 Candidates: Todd Densen

Here is the third installment, our interview with Todd Densen '12. 

Mads: What makes you the most qualified candidate for 2012 President?
Todd Densen: I am very familiar with the way Student government here runs. After attending issues forums, as well as the VSA meeting just this past sunday, I know that I am the right fit for this board. It needs someone who not only respects his/her own opinion, but to sometimes compromise with the other board members, i.e. calls of 2009 president, 2010, 2012, house presidents etc..., to do what is best for Vassar. I know that I will value fostering compromise and overall be effective in voicing 2012's opinions to the rest of the board.

What has been your favorite moment at Vassar so far?
Running for president, hopefully that will change to being your president. I have met so many new people and learned so much about what is important here at Vassar. I am so passionate about making a difference at our school and this is my way to do that.

What campus issues are most important to you?
The meal plan. After attending the VSA weekly meeting and watching VSA action pass to make recommendations to the meal plan, I think we as students have taken the first steps. When the Vassar higher ups get back to the students I will be ready to fight for what is necessary to reach a sound alternative to the current system. I will promote options that will save Vassar students money, and give them the opportunity to control how they use their meal plan.

If voters should know one thing about your platform, what should it be?
My platform and positions are shaped by you, Vassar students. I enjoy talking to each and everyone of you about all sorts of issues. Someone just today told me they were unhappy that some issues on campus are ones that freshmen aren't informed of. I told her that I would like for the first VSA council meeting in the future to be scheduled during orientation so that every student can right from the beginning of the year know what is effecting them and how to help

What's something that people might not know about you?
I enjoy lengthy walks on the beach during the colder seasons. It is so peaceful and serene.