September 11, 2008

This Weekend On Campus

Everyone at Vassar knows the weekend starts on Thursday night. We're back with this school year's first installment of "This Weekend on Campus." Here's our list of the events definitely worth checking out this weekend.

A Capella Preview Concert, 7:30pm Villard Room
NoViCE Outdoor Concert, 8pm Sunset Hill
Comedy Preview Show, 10pm Sanders

Small Concert, 8pm Lathrop Basement
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly screening, 8pm Blodgett
Shiva Rave, 9pm Shiva
WVKR Mug Night, The Mug

Girls Volleyball vs. Montclair State, 12pm Kenyon
Girls Volleyball vs. Wesleyan, 4pm Kenyon

Anything But Cloth, 10pm Villard Room

Email for publicity.


Anonymous said...

why did infosite stop posting weekend parties? and the misc backpage doesn't mention them either?

Anonymous said...

There was also a discussion hosted by the Political Science department titled 'Race & Politics in a Post-9/11 World.' I think events like this should get a bit more publicity on MADS.