September 21, 2008

VSA Urges Meal Plan Resolution

The VSA drew up a resolution to the new meal plan which passed at tonight's VSA council meeting 21:1. In an all campus email sent moments ago, VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 has outlined the proposed resolution.

According to the resolution, the VSA has issue with ACDC's expensive pricing and the fact that individuals cannot enter the dining halls without paying.

The resolution closes with a statement of support for a new meal plan, reading: "The VSA COUNCIL STRONGLY SUPPORTS a new meal plan, taking the concerns of the VSA into account, to be implemented for the Spring 2009 semester."

What do you think of the VSA's resolutions?


Anonymous said...

I think it's great. Too bad it was not approved unanimously.

Anonymous said...

And the Misc has an article on tonight's discussions too--

Anonymous said...

Unlimited entry swipes would be a HUGE STEP towards fixing the problems with campus dining. The food still won't be great and there would still be long lines (those issues would still have to be dealt with) but it would solve the price issue and you'd be able to enter even if you're not eating. they really, really, REALLY should do this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

everyone should actually read the attachment to the VSA email. it's really short and says good things!!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the unlimited meal plan is that it would be mad expensive, possibly more so than it is now. (I don't care what the Dining staff says - I definitely didn't spend 7 points a meal last year, so I should have to spend 12 bucks a meal this year!)

A LA CARTE. Bring it BACK!

Anonymous said...

so great i want to make love to jimmy kelly