September 3, 2008

What We're Watching

Not Vassar related, but the Associated Press just put up this disturbing clip of the protests outside of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

We marched outside of the RNC in 2004 and it was nothing like this.

The police do seem to be taking some very harsh measures, but some of the protesters don't appear to be entirely peaceful. What do you think of the clip?


Daniel said...

Damn, that's nasty. However, This doesn't seem to be one-sided aggression (see 00:50). I'm all for peaceful protest, but not for smashing cop car windows: it devictimizes the protesters.

Anonymous said...

did you see how amy goodman got arrested?

Anonymous said...


I think that seemed pretty much warranted.
Amy Goodman is a different story entirely.

Anonymous said...

although some vandalism was apparent, there was also clearly victimization of peaceful protest (woman holding flower while coughing from tear gas and being driven back by armored, armed policemen, etc.)

also, how far does property damage warrant legitimate bodily harm? (person vomiting clearly indicative of unsafe exposure to a toxic chemical or injury)

i would also question how much police action is about protecting the citizenry (much of which ended up injured or in handcuffs) and how much is about winning the power game. though, to be fair, the presence of vandalism etc. to private property may have been there, which is a legitimate argument for legal action and enforcement.