September 3, 2008

WVKR Returns For The Year

Vassar's radio station WVKR is back for the school year. Here's a message from the station's publicity rep:

"WVKR is hosting its annual pledge drive between September 9th and September 15th. The station has suffered from budget cuts in recent years and we are looking to reach more students for their support and interest in independent radio. We accept donations of any amount and every pledger receives WVKR merchandise. You can pledge over the phone at (845) 437-7178 between the hours of 8 AM and midnight or you can download a pledge form from our website ( and drop it in the Vassar mailbox system (our box is number 726 and no postage is necessary).

We are also very proud to announce that we will be hosting live DJ sets in the college center for the first time ever. During the week of Pledge Drive certain DJs will be broadcasting their radio shows from the first floor of college center, where other organizations table during the day. Students should feel free to drop by and make requests, and buy our brand new merchandise. We have amazing American Apparel t-shirts this year that you can get by making a $35 pledge. Students should get these quick as they are sure to go fast. We will also have tote bags, pot holders, and tank tops for sale. More on the college center broadcast schedule to come."

Other upcoming events include a Mug night featuring WVKR DJs.

WVKR is also looking for students interested in having their own radio show. Visit the WVKR table at Sunday's Activities Fair or come to the Interest Meeting on the same day, Sunday Sept. 7th at 7PM in Rocky 200.

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