October 31, 2008

Luis Inoa Speaks: Play Nice!

In an all campus-email sent earlier today, the Director of ResLife Luis Inoa expressed concern over reported instances of verbal and physical abuse against "conservative" students.

"Students have reported to have been cursed at, spat at and silenced because of personal attacks," Luis writes. "The perpetuation of this type of behavior serves as a stumbling block for students who identify with those targeted and require the rest of us to confront prejudices that exist within our community."

Political debate is one thing, but this is definitely out of hand. With only a few days left before the election, can't we all just get along?

What We're Watching: Halloween Edition

Tonight's The Night...Important Details

Happy Halloween, readers!

We couldn't be more excited for tonight's Haunted High School Halloween Extravaganza. Below is some important information from about tonight that you will need to know in order to get in...

  • People without tickets will use the Bookstore entrance of the College Center. They will be able to buy their ticket there for $6.
  • People with tickets can use the main entrance of Main.
  • You will be given a bracelet at the time of entrance. Do not remove your bracelet at any time during the party.
  • You must have your V-Card when entering the party.
  • All guests must be registered at the ROC by 11pm. They will get their guest pass there.
  • Guests must have their guest passes with them at all times.
  • Guests must have a state-issued ID that matches their guest pass at all times.
  • Guests must be with their host when entering the party.
  • There is a maximum of 2 guests per host.
  • If you leave the party and want to come back in, you mist re-do the line.
  • If an individual is VISIBLY INTOXICATED at either entrance, they will not be allowed into the party and will be escorted to EMS immediately.
If anyone has any questions, please contact Senior Class President Luis Gabriel Hoyos at lutrujillo@vassar.edu.

Tonight is going to be amazing. Stay safe!

October 30, 2008

Announcing The 2nd Annual Mads Costume Contest!

Last Halloween we chose our three favorite costumes that we saw during the night and put them up on the blog.

Well, this year we're inviting YOU to send in pictures of yourself or friends in costume. The winning picture will be featured on the blog.

We'll be choosing the winner Sunday morning. Send your pictures to madsvassar@gmail.com!

*Breaking* Security In Off-Road Pursuit

Readers just spotted a security vehicle on the lawn by the west side of ACDC chasing two male individuals. The two men were watching for security from the opposite ends of the side of the building, and ran in opposite directions when the vehicle made a u-turn on to the lawn. The vehicle than sped towards the back of ACDC in pursuit of one of the men.

Update: The security vehicle was just spotted heading back towards Main. No word on whether the individuals were apprehended.

Update 2: The vehicle is now heading back towards the North gate. Round 2.

Vassar DJs to Play RISD

Vassar DJ Christopher "Vainglory" Mykles and VJ Wade "Pixel Harvest" Munroe have been selected to headline the Rhode Island School of Design's annual Artist Ball. "This is the largest event the school puts on every year - think Founder's Day," Vainglory tells Mads.

The event will be in the Bank of America City Center in Providence. The event will feature a costume party in a heated tent on top of an ice rink. Attendance is expected to exceed 1,000 students from RISD, as well as Brown and other schools.

This is exciting for Wade and Christopher (and Vassar), as previous DJs for this event include Grandmaster Flash and Cypress Hill.

The event is on November 7th.

After Hours Tonight

Stop by the Mug tonight to hear student singer-songwriters Joshua Sturm, Amanda Jones, Martin Lopez-Iu, and Mike Godbe performing for ViCE After Hours.

Sound Off: Should We Kick Coke?

The Kick Coke campaign, which has been relatively quiet on campus so far this semester, is once again heating up. A big debate went on between the VSA and student representatives for the Kick Coke campaign at Sunday night's VSA Council meeting.

For those of you not familiar with the Kick Coke campaign, students across the country are campaigning to have Coca-Cola products removed from college campuses because of the alleged human rights violations made by the Coke company. Read more about the campaign here.

Now Mads wants to know: Should Vassar kick Coke?

Leave a comment or vote in our new poll.

October 29, 2008

Halloween Party Two Days Away! Tickets Going Fast!

Mads couldn't be more excited for this Friday night's Haunted High School Halloween Extravaganza, hosted by the Class of 2009.

An insider tells us that so far between 600-750 tickets have been sold. There is a finite number of tickets to be distributed, so be sure to get yours soon! Not only will tickets be more expensive at the door, but you can expect very long lines.

We've also been told that the awards for the Senior costume contest will include passes to cut the beer line.

Check out more details on the party here.

The Misc Endorses Obama

Right on the heels of endorsements from Dean Roellke, the Jewish Studies department, and MICA, the editorial board of the Misc has endorsed Senator Obama in tomorrow's paper.

"In light of these dark national trends, we welcome the leadership and sound policies of Senator Barack Obama," the endorsement states. The board does qualify its endorsement, however, adding, "Obama is certainly not perfect. His lack of experience on the national and international stage is worrisome; while America undoubtedly needs a breath of fresh air after the smog of the past eight years, it will be crucial for Obama to surround himself with the best and brightest minds."

Check out the board's endorsement here.

On Tomorrow's Cover

Tomorrow's cover story is on the college workers demonstrations, which we first wrote about two weeks ago.

There will also be an article on the Kick Coke campaign, as well as a look at Vassar during presidential elections through the ages.

Contrast Joins Blogosphere

The latest campus org to create a blog is Contrast, the group responsible for our campus fashion magazine. Contrast launched its new blog earlier today. It looks like it will have behind-the-scenes looks at the magazine shoots, fashion tips, and more.

Check it out here!

What We're Listening To

New M.I.A.! We guess that retirement didn't last very long.


ViCE Takes Over Babycakes

ViCE After Hours will be having its first ever Babycakes showcase tonight at 9pm. Jon Kaiman '09 will be performing.

There will also be "happy hour" specials at the bar.

Check it out! Babycakes tonight at 9pm!

Another Political Endorsement...MICA For Joel Miller

Yet another political endorsement by a group on campus. MICA (Moderate, Independent, Conservative Alliance), who endorsed John McCain earlier this month, has just issued the following statement endorsing Joel Miller for State Assemblyman. Miller is running for reelection to represent the 102nd district in New York State's Assembly.

On Monday, October 28nd members of Vassar's Moderate Independent and Conservative Alliance (MICA) voted to endorse Assemblyman Joel Miller (R) in his campaign for reelection. Assemblyman Miller's moderate record were cited, along with his commitment to placing the issues facing the 102nd district first amidst Albany's city centered politics. Specifically mentioned were his record of helping to deliver judicious tax relief, his efforts to encourage students who study in New York state to stay after graduation, as well as his work to improve healthcare and fight waste in the government programs that provide it. Additionally, the group felt it was particularly important to prevent a single party from controlling both the legislature and executive branches of the Empire State's government. Finally, the students expressed the utmost desire that Assemblyman Miller work to strengthen the constructive relationship between Vassar College, Dutchess county's fourth largest employer, and the wider Hudson Valley community."

MICA meets on Mondays at 9 p.m. in Joss Parlor

October 28, 2008

Jewish Studies Profs Endorse Obama

With now only one week until the election, more and more faculty members are endorsing political candidates.

A blog post today has a list of Jewish studies scholars who have pledged support for Senator Obama. The list includes Vassar's Jewish studies professors Andrew Bush, Marc Epstein, Judith Goldstein, Joshua Schreier, and Agnes Veto.

The endorsement states: "As scholars of Jewish Studies, we are concerned that distortions of Senator Obama’s record and biography have caused undue anxiety among American Jews about what an Obama presidency would mean for Israel and the Jewish community here... We urge Jewish voters to vote with their minds as well as their hearts, and not to allow themselves to be misled by pernicious lies concerning the candidate’s religious and ethnic background."

The Jewish Studies professors are not the only ones who feel the need to speak out against the inaccurate portrayal of individuals in the media. Dean Roellke publicly endorsed Bill Ayers as an educator last week.

Chili Not Going Anywhere

Our last "By Word of Mouth" post had it wrong.

A rep for Campus Dining tells Mads:
"We have no plans to stop Chili Day in The Retreat. We missed one Wednesday before break because of employee illness. Making the amount of chili the college is asking for is a real challenge. We thought offering chili at ACDC on Wednesday as well might help the situation in The Retreat."

That's a relief! We apologize for the previous post. That's why we call it "by word of mouth."

Your First Look...Strong Poster And Details

We announced the theme for Strong's upcoming all-campus party yesterday. Now we've got your first look at the poster and some more details about the event.

"Forces of Nature" will be a celebration of wind, water, earth, and fire, a Strong House Team member tells Mads. Guests are invited to come as their interpretation of one of the elements.

The Vassar Greens and the Women of Color Association will be co-sponsoring the event. DJ Respire and DJ Morton Sutton will be spinning in the Villard Room, while WOCA will be presenting a "Mother Earth" party in the Mug featuring music from female artists. In addition, "The Fifth Element" will be screened in the CC MPR.

October 27, 2008

Strong And Main Themes Announced

It's hard to think about anything but this Friday's Halloween Party, but we just heard details on two other all-campus parties happening in the coming weeks.

We hear that the theme for Strong's party on Nov 7th will be "Forces of Nature." Then, on November 14th Main will be having its annual Moulin Rouge party.

More details to come!

By Word Of Mouth

We hear from multiple sources that the weekly Chili Day special at the Retreat has come to an end. We're awaiting confirmation on this.

Update: False. The Retreat has no plans for stopping Chili Day. That's why we all this "by word of mouth."

Shared Bikes Are Coming Back!

Good news: Vassar's shared bike program will be returning next week!

These bikes will have a new lock system. Hopefully things will work out better this time around. Read about more about the program here.

Get your key beginning on Monday, November 3rd at 11am in the CC.

Cappy Speaks: Financial Crisis Costs Us $80 Million

In an all-campus email sent moments ago, Cappy described Vassar's financial losses in the current economic crisis, and announced plans for cutting corners in the coming years.

Cappy reports that between June and September, Vassar's endowment has fallen $80 million. Damn.

The college will also be taking steps to maintain our budget. These include "not filling any vacant positions" unless necessary and "looking at all of our operating expenses to see where else we can make savings."

These decisions were made with the Board of Trustees last week.

Update: According to The Paper Trail, other schools facing major financial losses include Northwestern, University of Wisconsin, and the University of Maryland.

Vassar Moves On $$$ List

CampusGrotto just released its annual list of America's 100 most expensive colleges. This year Vassar comes in at #16 for total cost (tuition + room and board). Last year we didn't make the top 20.

Sarah Lawrence College holds the #1 spot.

Vassar Takes Second Place At World Cup

Vassar's Quidditch team competed in the second annual Quidditch World Cup hosted by Middlebury yesterday. Middlebury beat out team 70-40, but Vassar managed to come in second place, beating out the other ten teams.

NoViCE And ASA Present...

NoViCE and the Asian Students Alliance bring you DMBQ, a band coming all the way from Japan.

Check it out! Tonight at 9pm in the Mug.

October 26, 2008

In Case You Missed It

In case you didn't check Mads last week during October break, here are the top stories you may have missed:

We've got exclusive photos from inside of Davison.
Dean Roellke
and 3,000 others support Bill Ayers as an educator.
Meryl Streep's '08er daughter makes her controversial stage debut.
The Board of Trustees OKs the gender-neutral housing proposal.
Dean Roellke defends his endorsement of Bill Ayers.
The Senior Class Halloween Party details are announced.
Vassar competes for Quidditch World Cup.

Live Stream Of Quidditch World Cup

The Quidditch World Cup is happening today at Middlebury.

to watch an live online feed of the tournament. The games start 10am. We're not sure what time the Vassar team is playing.

Update 4:15pm: Vassar is playing Middlebury now!

More On The Halloween Party

Buffalo Drive and The Book Club have been announced as the student bands performing at Friday night's Haunted High School Extravaganza.

The bands will be playing in the CC MPR from 10:30 to 12:15.

How College Presidents Vote

Back in July we showed you what campaigns Vassar faculty members donated to, according to Fundrace. Now we have a list of college presidents and who they will be voting for, based on their campaign contributions.

Cappy isn't on the list, which means she either hasn't contributed to a campaign or contributed no more than $250 at a time.

Elizabeth Coleman, Bennington College - $2,500 Hillary Clinton
Bruce Douglas, Sterling College - $2,300 Barack Obama
George Campbell, Cooper Union - $2,000 Hillary Clinton
Carol Christ, Smith College - $1,000 Barack Obama
Judith Shapiro, Barnard College - $1,000 Hillary Clinton
Richard Celeste, Colorado College - $1,000 Hillary Clinton, $1,000 Barack Obama
John Jenkins, Illinois Institute of Ark - $840 Barack Obama
Mitchell Zais, Newberry College - $610 John McCain
Victor Biebighauser, South University of Alabama - $1,000 John McCain

October 24, 2008

One Week From Tonight...

The annual Senior Class Halloween Party is just one week away! This year's theme is the "Haunted High School Halloween Extravaganza," we're told. Last year we named it the best event of the semester. Let's see if it will deliver again.

The event will be taking over the College Center.

CC 204 - Screenings of "Psycho" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
MPR - 3 Vassar bands performing from 10-12
MPR - Premiere of the Senior Class karaoke machine! 12-2am
Retreat - Photo booth

...And of course a dance party in the Villard Room. DJ duo Friends With Benefits will be coming from New York City (Jeremy Robinson-Leon '07 and Michael Chico '05).

10pm @ College Center on Halloween. You must buy tickets in advance! Tickets will be sold Monday-Friday in the CC. $4 for seniors, $5 everyone else, $6 at door.

"The decorations are out of control," one of the event's organizers tells Mads. We can't wait!

October 23, 2008

What We're Reading

The New York Post recently did a story on Columbia University's new adult magazine. Not unlike Vassar's Squirm publication, Columbia's new C-Spot has "pictures of students steamy enough to wilt ivy," according to the Post.

Vassar, along with Harvard, the University of Chicago, and Boston University are named in the article as also having "student-run mags focusing on sex."

Click here for the full article.

Dean Roellke Speaks About Ayers *Mads Exclusive*

Dean Roellke is defending his decision to sign a pledge of support for Bill Ayers. The dean has posted the following comment to our post on the issue.

"Just as Barack Obama has been extraordinarily clear about his involvement with Professor Ayers, I wish to be clear about Vassar's brief association with Mr. Ayers. No one with whom I interact is supportive of Mr. Ayers' actions years ago (at the time, Barack Obama was 8 years old, I was 5 years old).

Please take the time to better understand Mr. Ayers' contributions to the field of education--it is those contributions that brought him to Vassar.

Here is a summary of Mr. Ayers' work at Vassar (excerpted from my grant report to the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations who supported our urban education outreach work)...

With support from both the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and the Vassar College Dean of the Faculty Office, we were able to appoint William Ayers as a visiting professor of Urban Education for the 2005-06 academic year. Mr. Ayers has conducted a series of all campus events, including the Elaine Lipschutz Lecture on Multicultural Education in the Fall. For CETE alumni currently teaching in New York City, we sponsored "An Evening with Bill Ayers," a dinner and lecture designed to celebrate the accomplishments of urban teachers from Vassar, Smith, Barnard, Swarthmore and other highly selective liberal arts colleges. We held this event at Bank Street College of Education and are looking forward to planning a similar event in the 2006-07 academic year. The dinner was attended by 30 students and faculty from CETE institutions and over 150 educators participated in the lecture component of the program. Mr. Ayers is also conducting a weekly urban education reform seminar with over 40 students enrolled. For the 2006-07 academic year, we have already secured John Merrow, Peabody Award Winner and education correspondent for NEWSHOUR with Jim Lehrer to play a similar role. Though Mr. Merrow will not teach a course for us, his expertise in urban education and public policy debates will be highly valued by both our current students and our alumnae/i.

I hope this is helpful to those who may misinterpret my support for Mr. Ayers.

Sincerely yours,
Chris Roellke
Professor of Education and Acting Dean of the College."

October 22, 2008

Trustees OK Gender-Neutral Housing

The Board of Trustees reviewed the updated gender-neutral housing proposal at their meeting last weekend.

"There were no major concerns from the trustees" VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 tells Mads.

The decision now comes down to the senior officers, who will be voting on the matter soon. These people are President Cappy, Dean Jonathan Chenette, Dean Christopher Roellke, Dean Rachel Kitzinger, Vice President Susan DeKrey, Vice President Bret Ingerman, Vice President Catherine Baer, and Vice President Elizabeth Eismeier.

Streep Daughter '08 In Controversial Debut

Recent Vassar graduate and daughter of Meryl Streep, Grace Gummer '08 will be following in her mother's footsteps next month, according to the Huffington Post. Grace will be playing a drug and sex addict in "The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents," a role that is already stirring up some controversy.

Below is a promotional picture for the show.The play opens in on November 11th in the East Village.

Roellke And 3,000 Others Pledge Support For Ayers

An endorsement of support for controversial figure Bill Ayers has been circulating on the internet, and so far over 3,000 faculty members from schools around the country have signed on.

Mr. Ayers taught as a visiting professor at Vassar some years ago.

Dean Roellke and Geography Professor Joseph Nevins are the only faculty members from Vassar to sign the endorsement.

Update: Dean Roellke is defending his decision to sign the endorsement. Read his exclusive statement in the comments below, or click here.

October 19, 2008

More On The Demonstrations

The Misc just posted this article on last weekend's employee demonstrations in front of Main. The article also has a clip from the demonstrations.

“What they’re doing is really inhuman. I’ve been working here for 25 years, and every year it feels like it’s for less and less,” one custodial worker is quoted as saying.

Another demonstration is scheduled for this upcoming Friday.

October 18, 2008

Exclusive Look Inside Davison!!

We were going to take some time off this break, but these are too good not to post.

Mads has your exclusive look inside the Davison construction project, courtesy of photographer Noah Fowler '09.

More to come!

October 17, 2008

Vassar On Break

With most midterms finally over, campus is already practically empty.

Enjoy your October break!
Enjoy your October break!
Enjoy your October break!

Celeb Sighting!

We just received confirmation that Meryl Streep '71 is on campus to meet with the Board of Trustees.

Several readers saw the Oscar-winning alumna around campus earlier this morning, including at ACDC.

Countdown To Quidditch Tournament

To spread publicity for next weekend's Quidditch Tournament, Middlebury has launched collegequidditch.com. The site features information about the upcoming tournament, as well as clips, photos, a scoreboard, and more.

Right now most of the site is still under construction, but we should be able to track our team's stats in the coming days and weeks.

Trustees On Campus - Union Demonstration Continues

The employees demonstrating yesterday were back at it today in front of Main. We have learned that the demonstration was done to coincide with the Board of Trustees' visit this weekend.

The employees demonstrating are Buildings and Grounds and the Food Workers Union. They are working towards higher wages, an insider tells Mads.

Not all employees agree with the demonstration, however. One employee (who would prefer to remain anonymous) said the employees are asking for a "wage increase that is unrealistic in today's economy." This employee also criticized the union's demonstrating on Vassar property, which usually is against union regulations.

October 16, 2008


One of our readers spotted dozens of employees by Main Circle earlier this morning picketing for health benefits.

Student Blog Saying Goodbye

Our friends at Blog9 tell us they will be calling it quits. The reason: lack of support from their blog team and readers.

Blog9 started last year and gave a personal view of Vassar from several individuals. Many of the bloggers, however, opted not to return this Fall and posts became infrequent.

Spring '09 Classes Announced

The list of classes for Spring '09 is now online.

Check out the full list here.

NoVICE Tonight

Kick off your weekend (or October break!) with NoViCE tonight in the Mug, featuring:

MICHNA: "nyc/miami wunderkid producer (working with the likes of bonde do role and diplo) gets his own thing together and mixes hip hop, electro and funk on debut lp "magic monday" on ghostly int. recs. he's got a full band together (trombone! sax! kit! dj!) annnnnd a sick vintage analog visual show!"

RAINBOW ARABIA: "catch them here before they go on tour with gang gang dance. this l.a. duo makes sweet middle eastern-sounding dance music. think high places in kazakhstan. or watch their hero perform."

GANGI: "tribal indie folk? sounds like a dream pop pair-up."

9pm! Mug! Tonight!

October 15, 2008

Weekend Leaves Significant Damage...How You Gonna Fix It, Fix It?

Dean Roellke sent out an all-campus email earlier this evening signed by him, VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09, and Cappy to address "disturbing incidents of vandalism" from this past weekend. The significant damage was done to Main and Cushing houses.

The damage mainly consisted of overturned or broken furniture and smashed windows. A trash can was also thrown off of the TA bridge.

Cushing has yet to hear how much the damage will cost. (We haven't heard back from a Main rep.)

Cushing President Mat Leonard '11 tells Mads: "I would just like students to remember that these are our homes and that by disrespecting them they are disrespecting everyone who lives in them, as well as themselves."

Sent In By You - No More World Music

One Mads reader is concerned over the recent decision to eliminate World Music courses from the Music Department.

He writes:
"Can you please cover the recent decision to eliminate World Music classes from the music dept... Fernando Rios, the (fantastic) professor is leaving (because of budget cuts?). If this goes through it means that we will have an entirely Western-centric music curriculum that ignores 99% of the world's music (which isn't western classical)."

Update: The course listings for Spring '09 were just put online and World Music with Fernando Rios is being offered. Did he tell his students otherwise?

Chili Day Moves To ACDC

...For today, at least.

The Retreat's weekly chili day was cancelled today because "Jesus is sick," a Campus Dining manager told Mads. (She was referring to assistant chef Jesus Leyva.)

ACDC has been advertising a Mexican food night taking place tonight.

October 14, 2008

Jazz Night Tonight

Stop by the Mug tonight for a study break and hear EE Marching Band, featuring Nate Torrence '10.

10:30-1:30am in the Mug tonight!

Hot Item

We saw this tee shirt on someone today...

Free WVKR Show In NYC

If you're in New York City next week, be sure to check out a concert hosted by our very own WVKR. Print out the ticket above and get in for free! Try and get there early.

WVKR + Free Yr Radio Showcase at Pianos NYC ft. Chairlift
7PM Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 Pianos 158 Ludlow St. New York, NY
(212) 505-3733

"WVKR invites you to enjoy a night of live music and show your support for independent radio. Along with co-sponsors Free Yr Radio, Urban Outfitters, and Toyota Yaris, the station will be hosting a free show at 7 PM on Wednesday, October 22nd at Pianos in New York City. Headlining the show will be Brooklyn-based band, Chairlift, with opening acts The King Left, Bumblebeez, BM Linx, The Pragmatic and additional DJ sets by WVKR DJs featured throughout the night. Chairlift just released its first album with universal critical acclaim, and their song "Bruises" is featured in a recent iPod nano commercial. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis and must be reserved at http://www.freeyrradio.com. Show-goers are advised to arrive early to the venue in order to guarantee admission. We hope to see you there! For more information e-mail promotions@wvkr.org."

October 13, 2008

To Our Canadian Readers...

Better late than never...

Happy Thanksgiving to Vassar's Canadian students and all of our Canadian readers (you know who you are). Drink some Molson and enjoy your nights!

Revisiting Our Brother School

Yale, our former brother school, was the setting for tonight's episode of the CW's Gossip Girl. We wonder what would have happened if we had in fact gone co-ed with them in the 60's...

Update: While the episode's story was set at Yale, the actual filming was done at Columbia University. Our friends at Columbia's Bwog have covered the specifics here

Cuts In Time Of Economic Crisis?

There was discussion of making cuts to programs, organizations, resources, etc. at last night's VSA Council meeting, sources report. Administration asked the VSA to evaluate where money can be saved during this time of national economic crisis.

The Vice President for Operations said the idea of "getting rid of Baldwin" is being considered. The VP continued to say, "We don't want to turn Baldwin into a drunk tank. If you're that irresponsible, maybe you should go to the hospital."

The Vice President for Student Life noted that Baldwin cannot be shut down, but the hours could be more selective.

Update: To clarify, the information above was taken from the Misc's live blogging of of the council meeting (available here). The VP of Operations quotes were quoted in the live blogging post, and noted on the Misc website as "verbatim quotes."

The VSA's discussion on budget cuts was not limited to Baldwin, and also included discussions of Media Resources and the use of fireworks at events, among other things.

Update 2: The VSA tells Mads that the item on the agenda involved how the economy is affecting Vassar. The VSA then proposed questions, including "are there any services that can be cut."

In addition, we are reminded that it is not the VSA who makes the decisions on budget cuts, and the discussion was a conversation, not a plan of action.

Update 3:
Check out the comments for this post to see statements from VSA officers, including President Jimmy Kelly '09.

October 12, 2008

Best & Worst Of The Week

Best: MSTRKRFT obviously! Specifically, the "Love in this Club" remix at the very end. The wall of TV screens was also a nice touch.

Worst: The TURNOUT for the Meet Me in Poughkeepsie Kickoff. The turnout was poor, not the actual event itself! We didn't make it out to see the mayor speak, but apparently there were only about thirty students in attendance. As for MMIP, we heard nothing but good things and we hope the VSA does similar events in the future. 

Send your bests and worsts to madsvassar@gmail.com!

For MGMT Fans...

This isn't really Vassar related, but our friends at Wesleying just came across a clip of a young MGMT performing their song "Kids" in 2002 as students at Wesleyan.

Check it out here!

M.I.A. Pregnant!

Sources are reporting that M.I.A., who performed at Vassar last Spring, is pregnant! Mazel tov to her!

Clips From Last Night

Here are some clips from last night's show...

Check out these clips and more at youtube.com/madsvassar.

Last Night's Party

What did you think of MSTRKRFT? Leave a comment!

October 11, 2008

Your First Look

Here is an exclusive first look at the stage for tonight's MSTRKRFT event. It's obviously still in the works.

Also, the DJs and their openers have been spotted on campus.

Dean Speaks About Gender-Neutral Housing

Dean Roellke sat down with the Misc for a series of video interviews and spoke about about the push for gender-neutral housing, among other issues.

Check out the clips here.