October 1, 2008

House Show Tonight!

148 College Ave is having a show tonight that is definitely worth checking out. Current and old Vassar students will be performing:

1. Throw Me The Statue: "Scott Reitherman '02 and his Seattle gang play keyboards, guitars, drum machines in wicked buzzy dance rock. pitchfork says their latest album Moonbeams is like a 'breezy July afternoon, full of ramshackle bells, electronic beats, and chugging guitars.' "

Click here and here for two of their songs.

2. Chris Maher and Chris Kiehn: "Both Vassar '06, super soulful NYC folkies and earnest to boot. Sweet harmonies and cute songs about love!"

Click here for one of their songs.

3. Paul Misak: "Sophomore hottie strips for coed attention, plays psychedelic jams."

Check this out!
148 College Ave! Tonight! 8pm!
Free beer!


Anonymous said...

Sophomore hottie strips for coed attention?

Anonymous said...

throw me the statue lol alfred molina

Anonymous said...

Paul Misak is the hottest singer song writer on campus. Did anyone else peep those tight shorts?