October 2, 2008

Dutchess County Voter Registration Scandal!

If you registered to vote in Dutchess County, don't be too sure that you will be able to vote next month.

According to sources, up to 3,000 completed voter registration forms for Dutchess County have yet to be reviewed by Republican Commissioner David Gamache (at right) despite the deadlines that are rapidly approaching.

The registration forms have been approved by the Democratic Commissioner, leading to speculation that Gamache is intentionally keeping the forms from review. Gamache, however, denies that he is intentionally holding up the process.

In an official statement last Friday, the Democratic Commissioner Frances Knapp stated:

"...Despite Gamache’s claims that the office is on track and can complete up to 1,000 voter registrations a day, only 705 voters were put on the rolls since Monday while an additional 1,072 voter registration forms were received in the Board of Elections. At this rate it will be extremely hard to catch up with the backlogged registrations. We are continuing to lose ground."

Knapp continues to say, "Gamache’s obstructionist tactics amount to nothing more or less than voter disenfranchisement."

Congressman Hall and Congressman Hinchey are also expressing their concern over the potential hold-up. In a joint statement, the Congressmen state, "New voters need to know their voices will be heard."

We know that we're about a week behind on this, but not much has changed in the last seven days. If you have registered to vote in Dutchess County, you are advised to call up the Board of Elections (845-486-2473) to see if your form has been processed. The deadline for registering in this county is October 10th.

Update: We regrettably missed the article on this in this week's Misc. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

they would!

Anonymous said...

Don't let this stop you from registering here! You have a right to vote where you live!

Anonymous said...

The Misc wrote about it for this week's issue! Here's the article.

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Anonymous said...

this kind of shit went on in the 1960s to suppress african americans from voting. and now it's so that dutchess county won't turn blue. all the voter registration forms will be processed in enough time for people to vote but they'll have to do an affidavit instead. and those get "lost" or "ripped" or have "stray-marks" and will get thrown in the garbage.

i hate that this is the time for young people to get active and this jackass is impeding progress