October 26, 2008

How College Presidents Vote

Back in July we showed you what campaigns Vassar faculty members donated to, according to Fundrace. Now we have a list of college presidents and who they will be voting for, based on their campaign contributions.

Cappy isn't on the list, which means she either hasn't contributed to a campaign or contributed no more than $250 at a time.

Elizabeth Coleman, Bennington College - $2,500 Hillary Clinton
Bruce Douglas, Sterling College - $2,300 Barack Obama
George Campbell, Cooper Union - $2,000 Hillary Clinton
Carol Christ, Smith College - $1,000 Barack Obama
Judith Shapiro, Barnard College - $1,000 Hillary Clinton
Richard Celeste, Colorado College - $1,000 Hillary Clinton, $1,000 Barack Obama
John Jenkins, Illinois Institute of Ark - $840 Barack Obama
Mitchell Zais, Newberry College - $610 John McCain
Victor Biebighauser, South University of Alabama - $1,000 John McCain

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