October 26, 2008

In Case You Missed It

In case you didn't check Mads last week during October break, here are the top stories you may have missed:

We've got exclusive photos from inside of Davison.
Dean Roellke
and 3,000 others support Bill Ayers as an educator.
Meryl Streep's '08er daughter makes her controversial stage debut.
The Board of Trustees OKs the gender-neutral housing proposal.
Dean Roellke defends his endorsement of Bill Ayers.
The Senior Class Halloween Party details are announced.
Vassar competes for Quidditch World Cup.


Anonymous said...

those were the ONLY stories your posted

Anonymous said...

hmm that's not exactly true 7:27. why don't you take a moment to scroll down before being a prick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mads left out the demonstrations because they are TOTALLY UNIMPORTANT RIGHT?