October 4, 2008

New Mads Poll

It's hard to believe that the election is now only one month away. In the spirit of this, we've got our first poll of the school year: Who will you be voting for in November?

We asked this back in February and here were the results:
Obama: 66%
Clinton: 25%
McCain: 4%
Romney: 2%
Huckabee: %1

Vote in our poll and make sure to register to vote in the elections if you haven't done so already. Most registrations close on Monday and absentee ballot registration deadlines are soon after that!


Anonymous said...

Palin in the debate: "Palin launched into her charm offensive — winking, smiling, dodging questions and speaking in her signature Sarah-phonics , a mash up of sentence fragments and colloquialisms glued together with misplaced also’s and there’s — gibberish really. "==NY Times

Anonymous said...

Huh. The results are so skewed. I expected an even split.

Anonymous said...

"I expected an even split."
9.06, sometimes sarcasm works, and sometimes...

Anonymous said...

mmmm. a pole.
let's wash that pole.
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yes, it is.
we get it.
and we are going to WASH IT.