October 16, 2008

NoVICE Tonight

Kick off your weekend (or October break!) with NoViCE tonight in the Mug, featuring:

MICHNA: "nyc/miami wunderkid producer (working with the likes of bonde do role and diplo) gets his own thing together and mixes hip hop, electro and funk on debut lp "magic monday" on ghostly int. recs. he's got a full band together (trombone! sax! kit! dj!) annnnnd a sick vintage analog visual show!"

RAINBOW ARABIA: "catch them here before they go on tour with gang gang dance. this l.a. duo makes sweet middle eastern-sounding dance music. think high places in kazakhstan. or watch their hero perform."

GANGI: "tribal indie folk? sounds like a dream pop pair-up."

9pm! Mug! Tonight!

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