October 10, 2008

This Weekend On Campus

Here's a list of things worth checking out this weekend...


Meet Me In Poughkeepsie activities, Various times and locations
The Lesser Works of Lohan film screening, 6pm Ferry House living room
ViCE Film League, 7pm Blodgett Auditorium
VRDT First Showings, 8pm Kenyon 100

Lakefest, 12pm Sunset Lake
ViCE Film League, 7pm Blodgett
ViCE presents MSTRKRFT, 9:30pm UpC

Email madsvassar@gmail.com for publicity.


Anonymous said...

are we thinking that mstrkrft is going to fill up really early like MIA and we should get there when it opens?

Anonymous said...

uh, the new background makes things mad hard to read, mads.

Anonymous said...

uh, it's probably temporary in honor of mstrkrft.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think you'll have to get there early. UpC is big enough, and they aren't as big as MIA. probably wont have to get there until 12ish.

Anonymous said...

please mads, more gossip. we get a vassar events email already.