November 29, 2008

Students Respond To Mumbai Attacks

Mads has been in touch with several members of the Vassar community who have been affected by the tragedy in Mumbai.

An officer of the South Asian Students Alliance (SASA), who prefers to remain anonymous, tells Mads via email: "The attacks are pretty mind blowing, especially since my parents were in that area about a week and a half ago. It almost seems like a movie: the gunmen coming in on boats, taking hostages in the two poshest hotels, targeting foreigners, and wreaking havoc in so many areas of the city. These attacks seem to come from a rhetoric of revenge, hate and violence."

The student hopes that the attacks will inspire unity in India, instead of hate. "I think it would be a disappointment if they continue to blame Pakistan," says the student. "Instead of alienating others, I think the best response for the Indian government would be to preach a message of unity. If India keeps responding with violence, it will only breed more violence."

"Watching the attacks unravel in Bombay has been a horrible experience in, and outside of India," says another officer of SASA. "The past four days in Bombay, in addition to the bombings throughout India in the past year, necessitate a change in international "anti-terror" policy innocent civilians are being slaughtered on all sides. Fortunately my family is safe, but again, its terrifying that they cannot consider their home and surroundings safe anymore."

SASA will be holding a vigil in response to the attacks, one of the officers tells Mads. The event will be open to the whole campus and more details should be available by Monday night. SASA also hopes to reach out to other campus groups that may have been affected, such as VIS and VJU, in an effort to "continue to foster a relationship where hate among different groups isn't tolerated."

Photo: The New York Times

November 27, 2008

No Thanksgiving? No Vassar?

It's that time of year again, the day to honor Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday AND removing the word "female" from our school's original name, Vassar Female College.

The editor for a popular 19th century women's journal, Hale argued that the name Vassar Female College was "inelegant" and "absurd." She pressured Matthew Vassar and the Trustees of our school (not yet including Meryl) to change the name, and they eventually gave in. Hale also pushed Matthew Vassar to hire women and pay them the same wages as men.

As for today's holiday, Hale wrote several editorials pushing for a national Thanksgiving holiday during the last weekend of November. In 1863 President Lincoln agreed, and the holiday as we know it today was born.

November 25, 2008

Get Me Outta Here!

Vassar will be providing shuttles to the train station tomorrow on the hour from 8am to 6pm from Main Circle.

The weather is supposed to be nicer than it was today, in case you're flying home.

Enjoy your time off!

In Case You Missed It

The NoViCE blog just posted this video with clips from the "They Should All Be Destroyed" show. In case you missed it, the show was a theatrical adaptation of Jurassic Park.

November 24, 2008

A Message From The Limit

WatchVassar Is Just A Class Project!

The creators of WatchVassar were tabling in the College Center earlier today about their project. It turns out that the blog, which has stirred up some controversy in the last few days, is an Approaches to Media Studies final project, as was speculated in the comments on our earlier post.

The students behind the project - including some, if not all freshmen - are studying the broad range of reactions to the project. They have a five question survey, posing questions about how people heard about the project, what the initial reaction was, etc.

Meet The New Dean Of The College

Cappy announced in an all-campus email earlier today that Chris Roellke is now Dean of the College.

Dean Roellke previously served as Acting Dean of the College and took over for JJ Jackson last summer. According to Cappy's email, the Board of Trustees still has to approve the appointment, which is expected to be done in February.

"I am very pleased to be able to continue to work with Chris in this capacity," Cappy affectionately says.

Congrats, Chris!

November 23, 2008

The Numbers Are In...Vassar Reports Huge Loss

Last month Cappy sent an email stating that the Vassar endowment had fallen $80 million in the financial crisis. The numbers for the October losses are now in, and it looks like things are much, much worse.

The Misc is reporting that the Vassar endowment is now valued at $640 million after the October market crisis.

In June the endowment was valued at $845 million. That's a loss of $205 million!

Wesleying reports that Wesleyan has lost $120 million in the crisis.

Mads Wants To Know...

Mads wants to know: What's with all of the comments lately? Why is this blog turning in to anonymous message board?

We've been under a lot of pressure lately from concerned readers and other figures on campus to change our commenting policy. We're considering some changes, because we feel that comments lately have been taking away from the purpose of this blog.

Before we change anything, we want to hear what you think!

Check out our letter in last week's Misc for more.

Update: Thanks for all of the comments. They're really helpful, for the most part. Keep them coming, and feel free to email us at

Spotted...Ben Franklin (And He Loves Mads!)

Some anonymous Mads readers decided to decorate the statue of Benjamin Franklin outside of Sanders Physics. They even left us a special message.


Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Perhaps the strangest blog to hit Vassar debuted a few days ago with a strange message and a huge publicity campaign. WatchVassar is either an activist's critique on the recent suggestion of installing security cameras around campus, or just the efforts of someone with way too much free time.

The blog contains four videos featuring birds-eye-views of popular Vassar locations - the Retreat, the CC North Atrium, and two shots from the library. Two of the clips last 20 seconds, and the other two last 47 seconds. Three of the clips are hand-held, with the camera operator zooming in on a student in one clip. The fourth clip is stationary.

There has been a lot of publicity for the blog, with bright yellow flyers placed around ACDC and the Retreat.

While the purpose of the blog and videos is unclear, the blog states: "Your actions are being closely monitored. Are you safe?"

One comment on the blog cites College Regulation 7.02: "The use of electronic or other device to make an audio or video record of any person while on college premises or during a Vassar College sponsored event without his or her knowledge or prior consent, when such a recording is likely to cause distress, is prohibited."

One Mads reader spotted someone filming the North Atrium from the same position of the clip, although at a different time. If this clip is posted, we'll know who is behind this.

November 21, 2008

What We're Reading: Harvard Can't Handle Girl Talk

According to reports, security was forced to shut down a Girl Talk concert at Harvard last night.

"Last night’s pep rally at Harvard Yard was cut short after multiple failed attempts at crowd control, grinding the highly anticipated concert by DJ Girl Talk to a halt," a writer for Harvard's Crimson reports.

Apparently Girl Talk had to bring his equipment down to the floor after the crowd was unintentionally moving the stage.

Meanwhile, the DJ is scheduled to perform next weekend at Wesleyan.

Related: Girl Talk: "I'm A PC"

This Weekend On Campus

Here are the events worth checking out on this last weekend before Thanksgiving break. Email for publicity.

ViCE Film League presents The Wackness, 7pm Blodgett
UnBound presents "Stones in His Pockets," 8pm Shiva. Tickets available at info desk.
"During the shoot of a film in rural Ireland, two extras encounter celebrity, tragedy and cows. Charlie and Jake first meet during the filming of The Quiet Valley and immediately begin to navigate through an unfamiliar experience. Together they encounter a vain starlet, a hopeless teenager, the last surviving extra on The Quiet Man, baked alaska, coke, and a dry funeral."
Harvest Ball, 10pm UpC
Senior Class and CBS Mug Night, 10pm CC MPR (karaoke) and Mug

Off campus: Joshua Sturm at the Cubbyhole, 9pm Cubbyhole

ViCE Film League presents The Wackness, 7pm Blodgett
Dan Mintz Comedy Night, 8pm UpC

Off campus: DJ Olmec at the Dutch, 11pm The Dutch

DJ Olmec Making Triumphant Return

DJ Olmec will be doing his first public show since DayGlo/Toga tomorrow night at the Dutch. He will be spinning from 11pm-1am.

November 20, 2008

*Breaking News* Gender-Neutral Housing Passes!

In an all-campus email sent moments ago, VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 announced that the Senior Officers have approved the gender-neutral housing proposal. The approval from Cappy and her crew was the last step in bringing gender-neutral housing to Vassar.

Coincidentally, today marks The Transgender Day of Remembrance.

According to the email, the new policy will go into effect for this Spring.

As we previously posted, Cappy hinted at the approval earlier this week at the Joss "town hall" meeting.

Vassar now joins the list of about 25 schools that offer gender-neutral housing, including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Wesleyan.


The yellow scaffolding covering Davison's quad-side exterior was removed from the house earlier today. Looks like progress actually is being made on the renovation project.

NoVICE Tonight

Start your weekend early with the last NoViCE show of the semester.

Featuring Au, Mirror Mirror, and Dinowalrus.

Tonight. Mug. 10pm.

November 19, 2008

More Details On Armed Robbery

More details have emerged in last week's armed robbery on campus, according to an article in tomorrow's Misc.

They lined us up against the glass on Chicago Hall," one of the victims recalls. “They told us to put our hands up, and that was the weirdest part, because it was execution style. And we basically just waited.”

The Misc also reveals that a suspect was arrested later that night, but the students were unable to identify the individual.

Scary stuff!

On Tomorrow's Cover

The Misc has chosen an interesting topic for the cover story of tomorrow's paper - the Arlington Fire Department. The piece examines the "strained" relationship between our school and our local department.

There is also a piece on last week's armed robbery, which we covered a few days ago.

Quote Of The Day

"She made this election. You couldn't make this stuff up."
- MSNBC President Phil Griffin '79 on Sarah Palin at last night's lecture.

November 18, 2008

Check Out Jazz Tonight

The jazz trio Reed's Bass Drum will be playing at tonight's ViCE Jazz Night.

Check it out. 10:30pm. Tonight. Mug.

November 17, 2008

By Word Of Mouth

We just heard that the Senior Officers have approved gender-neutral housing, but we don't have confirmation on this.

Supposedly Cappy told a group of Joss students at the Joss "town hall" meeting that she had approved gender-neutral housing but hasn't officially signed off on it yet. So maybe it's still a little early to call it official.

An insider tells Mads that this cannot be confirmed just yet.

November 15, 2008

Through Respire's Eyes

The Moulin Rouge party is just getting started and we have your exclusive look at DJ Respire's set up for the night. Click on the image to enlarge and see the songs.

Looks like you can expect some remixes of "Kids," "Womanizer," "Love Lockdown," and "Single Ladies" later in the evening.

The DJ tells Mads there will be "surprises" and to "get fancy."

Streep Makes EW's Top 25 Entertainers

Entertainment Weekly has placed Meryl Streep '71 at #11 on its annual list of Top Entertainers.

While she may have been outdone by the Jonas Brothers and the stars of "Gossip Girl," Streep did manage to beat out Coldplay, Wall-E, and Facebook.

Students In Armed Robbery On Campus!

The Director of Security Donald Marsala sent out an all-campus email at 3am about an armed robbery that took place at 12:20am.

According to the email, four students were robbed near Chicago Hall by a man carrying "what appeared to be a short barreled shotgun."

No suspects have been found yet.

Stay safe!

November 14, 2008

Hot Item

Below is Grhyzzly's submission for the Joss hoodie competition. The winning design will be chosen within the next few days.


'Keep Coke' Reports Success

Mads spoke with a representative for MICA's Keep Coke campaign about their tabling last week. The group gave out free Coca-Cola and asked people to sign their petition that urges the VSA Council to reconsider its passing of the Kick Coke resolution.

According to the campaign's representative, the tabling was a success and the petition got over 300 signatures.

While not everyone who stopped by the table was in favor of keeping Coke, all visitors were "able to discuss the matter with maturity and intelligence," says the rep.

At least eight VSA Council members stopped by the table. "There were a few [Council members] who took issue with our challenging the legitimacy of their decision, citing their votes were democratic, and that the people who were against kicking coke should have been more vocal before the resolution passed. But even those individuals were open to what we had to say and wished us well," says the rep. VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 reportedly told MICA "what avenues we could pursue and what to expect when we present our resolution at the council meeting this Sunday."

The Keep Coke campaign will be bringing its petition and proposal to the VSA Council meeting this Sunday at 7pm. "The more people there in favor of keeping coke the better, so we urge everyone who signed the petition to show up."

This Weekend On Campus

Here it is, your weekly list of events worth checking out. Email for publicity.

Film League presents The Dark Knight, 7pm Blodgett
"A Little Dramatic Mind-F*ck," 8pm Shiva. A series of one-act plays.
Habitat for Humanity Mug Night, 10-2am Mug. Featuring DJ Gould. Dress in festive clothing (Bob the Builder, Jimmy Carter, Bob Vila, Tim "Tool Time" Taylor) and get a free blow-up hammer!

The Dark Knight, 7pm Blogett
"A Little Dramatic Mind-F*ck," 8pm Shiva. A series of one-act plays.
Moulin Rouge, 10-2am Villard Room and CC. Featuring DJ Respire.

November 13, 2008

Jurassic Park Comes Alive! Tonight!

Last week we said the Jason Anderson/Strand of Oaks show would be the most unique show of the semester. Well, tonight's live rendition of Jurassic Park may be giving that a run for its money.

NoViCE and ViCE Special Events are bringing theatre troupe Wham City to perform their live adaptation of the classic film. That means live dinosaurs, live canes with prehistoric mosquitos stuck in amber, and live Jeff Goldblum. Almost.

"They Should All Be Destroyed!"
Tonight 9pm, Mug

November 12, 2008

Film League Presents...

Why so serious?

The Dark Knight
Friday and Saturday, 7pm, Blodgett

Misc Takes On Mads Commenters

For the second week in a row, Mads has been mentioned in the Misc for the controversial comments that readers have posted lately.

A section of this week's staff editorial reads:
"The fighting continued on a campus blog, where news that the [VSA] had passed the Kick Coke resolution quickly degenerated into a series of hateful charges, among them disparaging references to “a bunch of activist slime” and “Communist assholes,” referring to the organizers of the Kick Coke campaign. Although these attacks were posted anonymously, specific students were targeted and ridiculed by name."

True, some commenters did get out of hand. But then: "Clearly mass anonymous e-mails and anonymous blogs are an ineffective way to engage in political discussion."

Is the Misc dissing the commenters or Mads? It's unfortunate that some comments went so far, but we think it's good that students are so vocal and we're glad we can provide an opportunity for them to be so.

November 11, 2008

Jazz Night Tonight

Looking for something to do on your Tuesday night? One of Vassar's own jazz combos, the Swinging Sixties, will be playing tonight's ViCE Jazz Night.

The group does a mix of swing, funk, jazz ballads, and even some salsa music.

Check it out tonight at 10:30 in the Mug.

November 10, 2008

Behind The Scenes With Contrast

The new Conrast blog has just posted behind-the-scenes pictures from photo shoots, as well as "on the street" fashion pictures and much more.

Check out the blog here.

ACT OUT To Take Action In NYC

Vassar's ACT OUT will be going to New York City on November 21st to participate in an marriage equality demonstration.

"Do you support marriage equality?
Do you think that loving, same-sex couples should be granted the same rights as heterosexual couples?
Are you upset that Prop 8 passed in CA and that same-sex marriage was banned in Florida and Arizona on Nov 4th?
Come learn what you can do to help pass a law allowing marriage equality in New York state!"

There will be a general interest meeting about the event on Wednesday, November 12th from 9-10 in Rocky 300.

Click here to find out more.

In Case You Missed It

Here is a short clip of Jason Anderson performing yesterday, courtesy of our friends at ViCE After Hours.

Your First Look

Here is your first look at the poster for this Saturday's annual Moulin Rouge event.

Check back for more details on the event as it gets closer.

QCVC Screening Tomorrow Night

QCVC will be screening Queer Streets, a documentary about LGBT homeless youth in New York City. "It is pretty short and it is an interesting look into a neglected demographic and an experience which we often don't get to see here at Vassar," a QCVC rep tells Mads.

Check it out tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7pm in Rocky 300. Pizza will be served.

November 9, 2008

Best & Worst Of The Week

What a week it's been.

Best: Election Night. What an amazing feeling it was to celebrate Obama's win with the entire campus, knowing that people were doing the same thing all over the world.

Worst: The Kick Coke AND Keep Coke campaigns. While it is important to have discussion of issues on campus, some of the 200+ commenters were just downright mean.

Thank You!

With 20,000 page views, this week has been Mads' biggest week yet.

Our post on the VSA's passing of the Kick Coke resolution has become our most popular post of all time, now at 201 comments. Over 16,000 words (we counted) were commented on this post alone, not to mention all of our other posts on this issue.

We also got not one, but two mentions in last Thursday's Misc, both referring to our Kick Coke coverage and the heated response from our readers.

Thank you for reading and we promise to continue to provide a commentary on campus life, as well as a forum for discussion. This is your blog too!

Feel free to email us at

November 8, 2008

MICA To Supply Coke

To encourage debate on the Kick Coke campaign, Vassar's Moderate Independent Conservative Alliance (MICA) will be giving out free Coca-Cola on Monday and Tuesday in the College Center.

They have also started a "Keep Coke" campaign and are circulating a petition.

Click here to see the petition and find out more on how to get your free Coke.

Girl Talk: "I'm A PC"

In just a few months Girl Talk has gone from playing Vassar to doing Windows commercials.

"Software computers is the most punk rock thing that has happened. Ever." If you say so!

Tomorrow...Hike And Outdoor Concert!

ViCE After Hours is hosting what will be the most unique show of the semester tomorrow. Singer-songwriters Jason Anderson and Strand of Oaks will be coming to campus to lead a hike at 2pm from Main Circle, followed by an acoustic outdoor show on Sunset Hill at 3pm.

There will be apples and cider and it will be a great way to take in Autumn at Vassar. The Vassar Greens are co-sponsoring.

This will be unlike any show you've ever been to!

Tomorrow (Sunday). Hike from Main Circle at 2, show on Sunset Hill at 3 (rain location CC MPR).

Ayers Finally Speaks

Now that Obama will be President in just about seventy days, former Vassar visiting professor and former activist Bill Ayers is writing about the controversy surrounding him in this past election.

"I became a prop, a cartoon character created to be pummeled," Ayers writes.

Check out Ayers' full article here.

Related: Dean Roellke speaks about Ayers.

Vassar's $$$ Problem In Today's Times

An article in today's New York Times discusses the economic hardships schools such as Vassar, Tufts, and Cornell are currently facing.

"Tough economic times have come to public and private universities alike, and rich or poor, they are figuring out how to respond," the article states. "Many are announcing hiring freezes, postponing construction projects or putting off planned capital campaigns."

Our school is named in the article as one of the schools to be increasing financial aid.

"Vassar College will give out $1 million more in financial aid this year than originally budgeted, even though the endowment, which provides a third of its operating budget, dropped to $765 million at the end of September, down $80 million from late June. President Catharine Bond Hill of Vassar said the college would reduce its operating costs, but remain need-blind."

Click here for the full article.

November 7, 2008

More Details On Tonight's Party

Mads has high expectations for tonight's Forces of Nature party, hosted by Strong, WOCA, and the Vassar Greens.

We're told that in addition to details previously announced, the Planet Earth series will be projected on the ceiling and walls of the Villard Room. There will also be compostable cups at the water stations in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

Respire and Morton Sutton will be the Villard Room DJs for the night, while WOCA will be holding a "Mother Earth" party in the Mug. There will also be a film screening in the MPR.

10pm to 2am tonight!

Film League Presents...

Baby Mama. Tonight and tomorrow night at 7pm in Blodgett.

And next week is The Dark Knight!

This Weekend On Campus

Here is our list of events worth checking out this weekend. Email for publicity.

Film League presents "Baby Mama" with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. 7pm, Blodgett.

"First Lady Suite," a musical theater piece by Michael John LaChiusa. 8pm, Martel Theatre (Drama & Film building). Contact box office (#5584) or visit Powerhouse for reservations.

Forces of Nature, hosted by Strong, Vassar Greens, and WOCA. 10pm, Villard Room, Mug, CC MPR.

NSO's 13th annual "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Doors 11:30pm, show at midnight. Buy tickets in the CC. $3 in advance, $4 in advance but pay at door, $5 at door. Sanders Auditorium.

"Baby Mama" 7pm Blodgett
"First Lady Suite," 3pm (see above)
"Rocky Horror Picture Show" 11pm (see above)

After Hours presents Jason Anderson and Strand of Oaks. Two singer-songwriters will lead a hike around campus, followed by an acoustic outdoor concert. Co-sponsored by the Vassar Greens. Hike from Main Circle at 2pm, show on Sunset Hill at 3pm.

November 6, 2008

CCL Passes Gender-Neutral Housing!

The Committee on College Life has passed the gender-neutral housing proposal, VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 announced in an all-campus email moments ago.

The proposal now goes to Cappy and the Senior Officers for the final verdict.

California Readers: Sign Against H8!!

While absentee and provisional ballots are still being disputed, it's pretty certain that California's Proposition 8 has passed.

Mads is urging you to sign THIS PETITION to re-open Prop 8. Only signatures from California will be counted. BUT IF YOU'RE FROM CALIFORNIA (which has the second largest population of Vassar students) SIGN THIS PETITION!

It's already got 182,392 signatures!

This is a historic election that has proved how America really is the land of equality. Now let's make that equality FOR ALL.

What We're Reading: Youth Voters!

According to an article on (take that for what it's worth), youth voter turnout for Tuesday was up 2.2 million since 2004.

This is the second biggest turnout since 1972, the first election in which 18-year-olds could vote.

Click here for the full article.

Open Mic Tonight

ViCE After Hours will be having its first open mic night of the school year tonight!

9pm in the Faculty Commons (by the Retreat).

Email viceafterhours@vassar in advance to perform.

November 5, 2008

Warners '08 Writes On Obama Victory

Morgan Warners '08 has written a piece for the Huffington Post on last night's Obama win.

Warners writes how there is reason to celebrate today, and to leave the critical thinking for tomorrow. "His presidency, right out of the gate, accomplishes the tremendous toppling of symbolic barriers," Warners writes.

Warners continues, however, by qualifying his statement and suggesting that Obama's victory doesn't yet mean a victory for America, and voters - especially young voters - cannot lose sight of the important issues. "Young people embody the change that we can believe in, and I do believe in it. We just need to commit to it," Warners writes.

Check out the full article here.

Obama Makes Misc Cover

President-elect Barack Obama is featured on the cover of tomorrow's Misc.

The issue also features two editorials, one on how student voice in integrated in the VSA, and the other is on the College's priorities during this economic crisis.

Students And Others Rejoice Everywhere

Our friend's at Columbia's Bwog and Skidmore's Skidmore Unofficial have also posted pictures of last night's celebrations.

The Skidmore bloggers report streakers, tree climbers, and drummers. Sound familiar?


Update: Here's Wesleyan, courtesy of Wesleying:

The Paper Trail reports on even more campus celebrations.

The Big Moment!

Dutchess County Results Also In

In Dutchess County, Obama won with 64,759 votes. McCain had 55,601 votes. 

Despite the efforts of many Vassar students, alumnus Jonathan Smith (D) was defeated by the incumbent Joel Miller (R) for State Assemblyman. Smith got 23,056 votes, while Miller got 26,531. 

Click here for the full unofficial list from the Dutchess County Board of Elections.

*Breaking News* Celebration Continues In Quad

Hundreds of students gathered in the Residential Quad to celebrate Obama's victory after his acceptance speech at midnight.

The crowds banged pots and plans, lit fire crackers, carried around American flags and even a life-size cardboard cutout of the President Elect.

Things are getting rowdier as the night progresses, but security seems to be lax (only one security guard was present for this whole ordeal). Two students were written up for streaking, while several other streakers went unnoticed by security later on. Two individuals also climbed the tree in front of Jewett.

Images Of Celebration

November 4, 2008

*Breaking News* Obama Victory!

Senator Obama will be the 44th President of the United States. He also will be the first African-American President in our country's history.

*Liveblogging The Election*

Check back here for updates throughout the day and night...

SCROLL DOWN to see the most recent update!!

10:25am: Many students have already been seen wearing Obama tee shirts.

10:30am: The DCCAN College Poll Worker Project began at 5:30 this morning. They report things running smoothly. Lines have been long this morning as many people are voting early. Sarita Gregory of the Project says the DCCAN poll workers are "patient, kind, and flexible on this uncertain but exciting day."

3:00pm: The Vassar Dems are handing out "I Voted" stickers in the College Center. Go pick one up...after voting.

3:15pm: Barry and Mac hit the polls earlier today. Have you yet?
5:30pm: Some Vassar students spent the day outside of polling places campaigning for Vassar alumnus Jonathan Smith (D). Smith is running for State Assemblyman against the incumbent (MICA-endorsed) Joel Miller (R).

5:40pm: The first polls close in about twenty minutes. Then the fun starts. Watch it all go down in UpC at 8pm, hosted by the Vassar Dems.

7:00pm: The first results of the night are coming in. Kentucky goes to McCain (8 electoral votes). Vermont goes to Obama (3 votes).

7:20pm: Students have started tuning in in UpC.

8:00pm: South Carolina goes to McCain (8 votes). The Vassar Dems event in UpC officially begins.

8:05: CNN is projecting lots of results: Illinois (21), Maine (4), Massachusetts (12), Connecticut (7), New Jersey (15), Maryland (10), and Delaware (3) for Obama. Tennessee (11) and Oklahoma (7) are projected for McCain. These numbers put Obama in the lead for electoral votes (77 to 34).

8:30pm: UpC is packed. The pizza is long gone, but there is still Coca-Cola. VSA executives Nate Silver and Jimmy Kelly (a.k.a. Woody and Buzz) were spotted. New Hampshire (4) to Obama.

8:45pm: Jimmy Kelly tells Mads: "Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States." The food is realllly gone now. Bring your own Tostitos at this point.

8:46: Pennsylvania (21) for Obama! That's a big one! 102 to 34.

9:00: Polls close in New York! New York, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan to Obama. Kansas, Alabama, North Dakota, and Wyoming to McCain. There was a countdown to the polls closing. Big cheers when New York was called. Also big cheers when several states, including Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Ohio were determined too close to call. 174 to 49.

9:20pm: Ohio to Obama! Huge applause. Louisiana to McCain.

9:30: New Mexico.

9:50pm: Jewett President - "The map looks pretty, it's all blue."

9:55pm: Texas. 200 to 124.

10:10pm: Mississippi. There was more pizza briefly.

10:30: Utah, Arkansas, Georgia, South Dakota, Nebraska. District of Columbia. For those of you who voted in Dutchess County: John Hall was reelected for House representative.

11:00pm: California, Washington, Oregon! It's over! Obama will be President!

All results based on CNN's projections.

Relay For Life Coming To Vassar

Vassar will be holding its first ever Relay For Life this April, in which groups of students will run or walk for twelve hours in an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Sign ups will be this Wednesday in the College Center and again on November 19th.

Here is a message from ProHealth, the event's sponsors:
"The event will run for 12 hours (noon-midnight) on April 25, 2009 at Noyes Circle. Teams of eight to fifteen people will sign up to take turns walking, jogging or running around Noyes Circle. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Money is raised through team commitment fees (which also pay for a t-shirt), team and individual fundraising and sponsorship. Each participant is expected to raise a minimum of $100. The event will be a lot of FUN, with entertainment, food, speakers and the like!

You can sign up on our website at Each team and participant gets a page within the site for fundraising. There, you'll also find information, sample letters to send to sponsors and more!

The deadline for team signup will be Friday, December 5th so that we may hold our informational team captain's meeting on Wednesday, December 10th.

ProHealth will be in the College Center this Wednesday, November 5th and on Wednesday, November 19 signing people up and answering any questions about the event. Other questions may be directed to me at Many other colleges are already part of this effort and ProHealth is very excited that Vassar is going to join these ranks!"

Sign up in the College Center!

November 3, 2008

What To Know For Tomorrow

Vassar has issued this press release about voting tomorrow. Raymon Parker also sent out an all-campus email moments ago.

"A van will leave from Main Circle every half hour starting at 12:00 PM and ending at 8:00 PM. The van will stop long enough at each location for students to vote and then return to campus."

Students should be aware that the Arthur May Elementary School is a two-block walk from campus down Raymond Avenue.

"Where you vote depends upon the residence you lived in when you registered to vote, not necessarily where you live now."

Terrace Apartments -> Ward 6, District 2 and vote at the Arthur May Elementary School.
Town House Apartments -> Ward 6 District 3 and vote at the Town Hall.
South Commons Apartments and Residence Halls -> Ward 6 District 4 and also vote at the Arthur May Elementary School.