November 8, 2008

Vassar's $$$ Problem In Today's Times

An article in today's New York Times discusses the economic hardships schools such as Vassar, Tufts, and Cornell are currently facing.

"Tough economic times have come to public and private universities alike, and rich or poor, they are figuring out how to respond," the article states. "Many are announcing hiring freezes, postponing construction projects or putting off planned capital campaigns."

Our school is named in the article as one of the schools to be increasing financial aid.

"Vassar College will give out $1 million more in financial aid this year than originally budgeted, even though the endowment, which provides a third of its operating budget, dropped to $765 million at the end of September, down $80 million from late June. President Catharine Bond Hill of Vassar said the college would reduce its operating costs, but remain need-blind."

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Anonymous said...

End October number is going to be much much worse.