December 24, 2008

Almost Two Months Later, Vassar Responds To Obama

Almost two months since election night, Professor Kiese Laymon has finally taken to his blog to share his thoughts on Barack Obama's winning. In three long parts, Professor Laymon describes what Obama's win means for blacks.

"The night that Barack Obama beat McCain/Palin into All-American dust, I hugged a lot of good white folks. Hundreds of Vassar College students celebrated in front of my building. Some kids streaked, while others unknowingly remixed a traditional lynch scene by hoisting up a life-size cardboard Obama into the moon-lit sky. Joy and joyful sounds echoed for hours as hipsterish folk morphed into patriots with (ironic?) chants of USA! USA! The slightly speckled group sho nuff broke, bended and bullied notes of the Star Spangled Banner that night, and for some not-so strange reason, congratulations of Niggas were in order."

In another article on Obama, Morgan Warners '08 writes for the Huffington Post about his disappointment with the decision to have Rick Warren deliver the invocation at the inauguration. "Let us be clear if the President-elect will not be: Warren is a bigot," Morgan writes.

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