December 24, 2008

Best Of The Semester!!!

Here is our second annual Best of the Semester list. Did we forget anything? Leave a comment!

10. Retreat specials. Chili on Wednesdays and all of the other weekly treats will be sorely missed this break. With ACDC still figuring itself out, the 'Treat was the place to be.

9. Meet Me in Poughkeepsie. Over 800 participants and a win-win for the locals and students. Keep up the good work, VSA.

8. Former Vassar performers. We always seem to get them right before they get huge. Vampire Weekend played to thousands in Central Park this summer; M.I.A. is pregnant and "Paper Planes" is everywhere; Girl Talk is doing PC ads. Keep an eye out for Passion Pit.

7. Student Activism. Whether you were for or against Kick Coke and Keep Coke, student efforts proved to have a significant voice in college policy. Also, this month students joined faculty and alumni to protest the English department job cuts.

6. Orgs. Lots of smaller student organizations pulled their stuff together and accomplished a lot this semester. MICA and SAU led important campaigns, the Dems registered voters and debate parties, VT's DJs are finally making it big, etc.

5. Halloween Party. DJ was great, and a Villard Room party is always better in costume.

4. Broken Social Scene. ViCE started the year with a bang. The band sounded great and also stuck around after the show to meet fans.

3. MSTRKRFT. ViCE did it again. Less sweaty and uncomfortable than Girl Talk.

2. Day-Glo/Toga. No question, our favorite event of the semester. DJs Respire and Olmec gave their best performances of the semester.

1. Election Night. What else could be #1? Hundreds of us gathered to watch the coverage all over campus, and then met in the Quad to celebrate the moment of change in American history. Streakers, sparklers, tree-climbers, singing, dancing, etc.


Respire said...

Thanks Mads!

Also, Passion Pit is generating some buzz among blogs:

green girl said...

Oh, Passion Pit, how I love you so very much.
Broken Social Scene was the best. Best, best, best.