December 11, 2008

Cappy Responds To English Dept. Cuts

In an all-campus email sent moments ago, Cappy responded to the concern over two English department professors being cut.

"Our goal has been to recommend course reductions with minimal adverse effects on the educational experiences of our students," Cappy writes. She attempts to justify the actions by explaining that removing the two professors will save enough money so that 7o to 80 courses can continue. She then puts the blame on the English department, stating that the department has increased its number of courses being offered despite the financial crisis.

"Two adjunct or visiting faculty members may not be able to teach in the department next year...Discussions of alternatives are ongoing," Cappy concludes, assuring students and faculty that the changes "will continue to allow for a robust creative writing curriculum."

In other news, VSA President Jimmy Kelly '09 will be meeting with Dean Chenette on Friday to discuss the issue. Jimmy will be presenting testimonials to the Dean from concerned students. You can email your testimonial to by Friday at 2pm.

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