December 5, 2008

Keep Coke Speaks About CCL Decision

Mads Exclusive...

Mads spoke with a representative for MICA's Keep Coke campaign about the Committee for Campus Life's decision on Wednesday to reject the Kick Coke proposal.

The president of MICA met with Dean Roellke in a private meeting before the CCL meeting to present a petition of over 300 signatures against the VSA Council's resolution to Kick Coke from campus.

"I think the CCL would have rejected the Kick Coke proposal based solely on the shaky allegations against Coca Cola and the subsequent investigations clearing the company of any wrongdoing," the Keep Coke rep tells Mads. "What the Keep Coke campaign was able to do was to give voice to the hundreds of students who were against Kick Coke and felt that their opinion had not be accurately or adequately represented by the VSA council vote. I think that our efforts definitely influenced the CCL vote and gave CCL members confidence that the majority of the campus would support their decision."

The rep feels that the issue is now "exhausted" and will end with Wednesday's decision. "Even if the Kick Coke campaign continues to push for the removal of Coca Cola products from campus, I seriously doubt that they will be able to garner enough support or interest from enough students to go very far."

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