December 5, 2008

Kick Coke Responds

A representative for the Kick Coke campaign has sent an email to Cappy, Dean Roellke, and the VSA President regarding the CCL's decision.

"I am disappointed that given a chance to stand with people whose voices are so often not heard, this administration instead chose to stand with a corporation responsible for severe human rights, labor and environmental abuses," the rep writes. The rep claims that Cappy had originally told the campaign she "would like to see Vassar 'added to the list' of the now 51 universities, colleges and high schools that have removed Coke products from their campuses."

The rep continues by praising the VSA its original decision, describing it as "the most democratic and broad decision I have ever seen the VSA make," and claims that the VSA represents the students and should have more say on the issue than the CCL.

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