December 1, 2008

Mumbai Attacks Hit Close To Home

"The attacks on the city sucker-punched me into feeling irrationally angry and extremely sad," says Christina Perry '09, who studied in Mumbai this past summer as part of the Tanenbaum Peace Fellowship Program. While in Mumbai, Christina focused on Muslim-Hindu relations and conflict resolution. "It's difficult to dismiss the images of the places you love tainted by violence - and my friends from the city feel this on a magnitude I could never comprehend."

Like the officer of SASA we spoke with, Christina isn't happy with some of the news coverage of the attacks. "I think that Wolf Blitzer getting on CNN and speculating on al-Qaeda ties is absolutely ludicrous and completely premature," she tells us.

The attacks hit close to home for Christina, who has friends in Mumbai. "One of my best friends works at the Oberoi, and wasn't in the area on that day, but I play a lot of 'what if' situations over in my mind. It's difficult to avoid that type of obsessive ruminating when you're isolated in the Vassar bubble."

Christina has plans to continue her work with the Tanenbaum program, and says last week's attacks won't keep her from returning to Mumbai after graduation. "As long as people want me there, I'll go back," she says.

Photo: Associated Press

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