January 31, 2009

What We're Watching...Countdown To Beirut

Here are some of our favorite Beirut songs and videos. Feel free to leave a comment and post your own favorites.

January 30, 2009

Celeb Sighting...Beirut On Campus

Zach Condon and other members of Beirut were spotted having a bite to eat at the Retreat moments ago.

More On Tonight's DJs

This semester's Shiva Rave is tonight. Here is some info on the DJs performing, courtesy of Vassar Teknowledgy:

The party still starts at 9pm and we'll be starting the night off right with freshmen Twin Dragonz (Chris Martel and Bruce Wong). The duo tore it up at VT's Afterglow party last semester and are making their Shiva Rave debut on Friday.

At 10pm, Respire (Paul Noonan) and Fenris (Sam Finer) take over the floor. Respire made the campus party sounds last semester, most notably at the Shiva Rave and DayGloToga alongside DJ Olmec. Fenris returns to Vassar this semester after working (and DJing!) for the Obama campaign. The two are tag-teaming a powerful electro hour.

DJ Paradigm (Felicia Minchin, '09) arrives to the scene at 11pm. She played last semester's Shiva Rave to great acclaim. Her carefree, fun, and happy mix stylings will have you singing along to your favorite classics while dancing to the unknown.

To close out the night from midnight to our new 2am time, Yoshitoshi, Man Your Battlestation! brings you two hours of madness from the combined forces of DJs Vainglory (Christopher Mykles) and Morton Sutton (Conner Marx). With their powers combined it will be the most random assortment of music humanly possible."

Check out the rave tonight (Friday) from 9-2am in the Shiva.

ViCE Acts To Play Coachella

The lineup for the 2009 Coachella festival has been announced and Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, and Beirut will all be performing. These three acts have previously played (or will very soon play) Vassar.

Other performers include Paul McCartney, The Killers, Amy Winehouse, and a Mads favorite, The Ting Tings.

January 29, 2009

Open Mic Tonight!

ViCE After Hours is holding its first open mic night of the semester tonight. Stop by the Mug at 9pm to perform and/or support Vassar's singer-songwriters.

Tonight. Mug. 9pm.

January 28, 2009

On Tomorrow's Cover

Students at the Presidential Inauguration and ViCE's Beirut show are the cover stories for tomorrow's Misc, the first issue of the semester.

There are also articles on the English department semi-compromise and budget cuts.

LAST Chance For Beirut Tickets

Both WVKR and ViCE will be giving away free tickets today (Wednesday) for this Saturday's Beirut concert.

Stop by the ViCE table in the College Center today at 12pm or 3pm to put your name down for a chance to win tickets. Two pairs of tickets will be raffled.

Also, WVKR will be giving away a pair of tickets during the "Twee House" show between 8 and 10pm. Listen on a radio or stream it at wvkr.org.

Check wvkr.org and viceisnice.org for more info on the giveaways. Know that you can only win tickets if you haven't already gotten some already.

We're also told that about 30 tickets for the show are still available for purchase at ticketweb.com.

Update 10:30am: Tickets are officially sold out, other than the 3 pairs of tickets are still available through the WVKR and ViCE giveaways.

January 27, 2009

Jazz Night Tonight

Stop by the Mug tonight for the first ViCE Jazz night of the semester featuring MK Groove.

"Brooklyn's The MK Groove Orchestra swings like one wild and reckless big-band bastard. It clearly enjoys grinding the gears as much as it does shifting smoothly. There's brass creamy enough to rival Glenn Miller, just enough weirdness to make Sun Ra smile, and plenty of classic funk to make Seka horny; everything from moonlight serenades to free jazz chaos to even a little waka-chika-waka-chika waka-chika boom."

Tonight. The Mug. 10:30pm.

*Breaking* No Faculty Cuts This Year

After months of controversial debate between administrators, alumni, students, and faculty, the administration has decided to extend the contracts for the two English dept. professors whose jobs were in danger of being cut.

According to a message from Mary Beth Caschetta '88, the administrator for the "Don't Let Vassar Silence Writers" Facebook group:

"Due to the generosity of both tenured and non-tenured English faculty members, who have given up classes and voluntarily taken leaves of absences to donate teaching hours to their colleagues, the 2 adjunct contracts up for renewal have reportedly been extended for one year, and so, it appears, at least for the moment, that no actual faculty members will be fired in 2009."

This is great news, although Caschetta cautions that Dean Chenette will still attempt faculty cuts in the near future and we shouldn't consider this a victory just yet.

Quote Of The Day

"I went to Europe because, I guess, I consider myself a Francophile. And I’m obsessed with French cinema and Paris. I felt like that was the first place I needed to see if I was gonna drop out of school and really go for it."

-Zach Condon of Beirut speaking about dropping out of college in a just-released interview with the Misc.

January 26, 2009

ViCE Speaks About Beirut Tickets

ViCE has posted a statement on its official website regarding today's ticket sales. Check out ViCE's website for the full statement. Here is an excerpt:

"All of us at ViCE are very excited about the show and even more excited that we were able to provide 700 tickets free of charge to Vassar students. With this in mind, we also feel obligated to apologize to all of you who did not receive a free ticket.

"Many of you have expressed concerns that another, much smaller group of tickets was made available for sale to the public online. In response, we want to remind everyone that producing shows of this scale is by no means an inexpensive endeavor. In fact, they are incredibly expensive. And although it is true that ViCE is allotted a generous amount of money, we are also given a lofty charge: to entertain Vassar all year long. We enact our mission to the best of our abilities by producing Jazz Night, NoViCE, Film league, After Hours, a number of special events, and large-scale musical performances on a regular basis. Therefore, there are times when we are forced to charge for some number of tickets to events such as this to help ensure that we can continue to provide what we have promised."

ViCE will be raffling off more free tickets in the College Center on Wednesday. Stop by ViCE's table at 12pm or 3pm to put down your name for the raffle.

What We're Listening To...Live On WVKR

After their NoViCE show last week, the band Thomas Function stopped by the WVKR studio to do an acoustic set. Singer/guitarist Josh Macero performed songs from the band's debut album Celebration, as well as some new tracks.

Check it out here!

What We're Reading

We just came across this blog post about where this year's major Oscar nominees went to college. Although it doesn't draw attention to the fact that two contenders for Best Actress went to the same school (ours), the post is still worth checking out.

Click here to read it.

Beirut Sells Out

The line for Beirut tickets at this morning's 10am giveaway stretched all the way into the College Center circle. The first students began waiting in line at 8am. Later, students began waiting for the 3pm giveaway at noon.

The infodesk had distributed all of the tickets by around 3:40. At that time ticketweb.com had only sold half of its tickets for the show.

For those of you who are still looking to get tickets, WVKR will be doing giveaways throughout the week.

Get Your Beirut Tickets Today!

Tickets for ViCE's Beirut show go on sale TODAY.

Stop by the infodesk at 10am or 3pm for your free ticket. You must present your Vassar ID and can only get one ticket per ID. You may present someone else's ID to get them a ticket. A limited number of tickets will be available at both times.

Tickets will also go on sale at 3pm on ticketweb.com for the general public.

The concert is this Saturday in the Chapel and 8pm.

Shiva Rave Returns This Friday!

This semester's Shiva Rave hosted by VT is coming up this weekend! Plus, for the first time ever, the rave will be going until 2am. Space is limited and the line was out the door last semester, so be sure to show up early.

DJ Schedule:
9pm - Twin Dragonz (Chris Martel and Bruce Wong)
1opm - Respire vs. Fenris (Paul Noonan and Sam Finer)
11pm - Paradigm (Felicia Minchin)
12pm - Yoshitoshi, Man Your Battlestation! (Christopher Mykles and Conner Marx)

The night also features visuals by VJ Pixel Harvest and lighting by Michael Faba.

Friday (1/30), Shiva Theatre, 9pm-2am. More info to come throughout the week.

January 22, 2009

Spotted...New Signs At ACDC

New signs above the stations at ACDC were installed earlier this afternoon.

The signs are nice, but we're still wondering where that convenience store planned for Spring '09 is...

Vassar & Beirut Get Brooklyn Vegan Mention

Vassar's Beirut show is mentioned not once, not twice, but THREE times on Brooklyn Vegan today.

The blog also mentions the Vassar Orkestar, which will be playing with the band at Vassar and two additional sold-out shows.

Free tickets for the show are available to Vassar students on January 26th. Tickets for purchase will be available at ticketweb.com for the general public also on the 26th. The show is Saturday, January 31st in the Chapel.

Meryl And Anne To Compete For Oscar

The Oscar nominees were announced this morning and once again Meryl Streep '71 and Vassar drop-out Anne Hathaway will be competing in the Best Actress category.

The two tied for Best Actress at the Critics' Choice Awards last week, while neither won the award at the Golden Globes.

Click here for the full list of nominees.

January 21, 2009

'Art As Activism' Presents HerStory Tonight

The Vassar First Year will be presenting "HerStory" tonight as part of its annual Art as Activism event.

A summary of the event:
HerStory: Four different women from four different backgrounds. Four voices and one story. HerStory is a live performance about love, pain, struggle, and triumph, spoken over poetry, melody and song, tear shed, and laughter.

Check out a preview here.

Tonight (Wednesday), 7pm Upc.
Featuring an opening act by Raymond Azcona '12. $300 in raffle prizes (must be present to win).

NoViCE Tomorrow Night

Stop by the Mug tomorrow night for the first NoViCE show of the semester featuring GAROTAS SUECAS, THOMAS FUNCTION, and POPO. Check out the official NoViCE blog for more info.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 9pm in the Mug.

80s Night Returns Tonight

The first 80s night of the semester will be tonight in the Mug from 10-2 featuring DJ Levar and DJ Timespace. Check it out!

WVKR Website Gets Makeover

WVKR is kicking off the new semester with a fresh look for its website. The updated site has kept some of its previous features - Top 10, playlists, etc. - while making things easier to navigate and more user-friendly. It also has an updated merchandise section and a new community calendar feature.

Check it out here!

Your First Look...ViCE Presents Beirut

Here is your first look at the poster for ViCE's Beirut concert. FREE tickets* will be available at the InfoDesk at both 10am and 3pm on Monday. Tickets will also be available online on Monday at 3pm. *Must have Vassar ID to get a ticket. 1 ticket per ID. You can use multiple IDs to get tickets for other people.

January 20, 2009

Vending Machines Finally Taking VCash

According to an all-campus email from CIS this evening, the 2010 Sophomore Class Gift of V-cash swipers for vending machines is finally here.

"We now have some vending machines on campus that are equipped with card swipes so you can use your VCard," the email states. "More vending machines will accept VCash as the semester progresses, including one in every dorm." These machines have stickers with "VCash" on them.

From VC To DC

In honor of President Obama's inauguration, Mads brings you the yearbook pictures for Nancy Killefer '75 and Shelley O'Neill Stoneman '99, both of whom will be working for the new administration.Obama's aides...they're just like us!

Obama Is President!

It's official...Obama is president!

The Villard Room was packed with students this morning for a live screening of the inauguration ceremony, hosted by several departments and campus organizations.

Click here for the transcript from President Obama's speech.

And click here to relive the moment back in November when Vassar found out Obama would become president.

January 18, 2009

Vassar Shout-Out On SNL

Vassar got a shout-out on SNL last night. Check it out around the 3:15 mark.

January 16, 2009

Another Vassar Grad To Work For Obama

Vassar graduate Shelly O'Neill Stoneman '99 and ten others have been added to Obama's "legislative affairs team," according to a press release on the President-elect's official website yesterday.

Stoneman is currently the Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ), whose son coincidentally is a Vassar junior. She has worked for Congressman Rothman since 2003.

“With such great challenges facing the country, it’s going to be essential to work closely with Capitol Hill to advance an agenda that turns this economy around, puts Americans back to work, and safeguards our national security," Obama said in the press release. "The new legislative affairs team members announced today will help to carry that mission forward—and ensure that the voices of congressional leaders and their constituents are being heard in the White House.”

Stoneman is the second Vassar graduate to have a significant role in the Obama administration, after Nancy Killefer '75 was named Chief Performance Officer last week.

Not leaving her Vassar days behind her, Stoneman is a member of the Seven Sisters Alumnae Club on LikedIn.

Update: Congressman Rothman had this to say about Stoneman: "She is brilliant and has a tremendous amount of experience...It's not only great news for her personally, but for all of New Jersey as she knows our state extremely well...It will be an extra special avenue for us to express our specific interests in policy and projects for New Jersey to the Obama administration directly."

January 14, 2009

Quote Of The Day

"She was a well-liked, delightful person."
- Chair of the Economics Department, Professor Shirley Johnson-Lans in a press release about the appointing of Nancy Killefer '75 to the Obama administration. Johnson-Lans taught at Vassar when Killefer was a student.

January 12, 2009

Beirut Tickets On Sale In Two Weeks

As we announced last month, ViCE is starting 2009 off with a huge concert featuring Beirut. The concert will be in the Chapel on Saturday, January 31st (note the date change from our earlier post).

ViCE has also announced that members of the Vassar orchestra will be performing with the band.

Tickets go on sale on Monday, January 26th. They will be sold in the College Center, although the exact location and time they go on sale is yet to be determined.

Check back for more info on the concert!

January 8, 2009

*Breaking* Double Vassar Win For 'Best Actress'

SPOILER ALERT...Meryl Streep '71 and dropout Anne Hathaway tied for Best Actress at tonight's Critics' Choice Awards. In her acceptance speech, Hathaway praised Streep for "setting the bar" so high. Streep was not present to accept the award in person.

Update: Check out a clip of it here.

Vassar At #10 On Latest List

Kiplinger.com has named Vassar #10 on its list of best liberal arts colleges. So what makes this list different from all of the others? This one ranks schools based on "academic quality and affordability."

Vassar has put $35 million towards financial aid this school year, according to the press release.

January 7, 2009

*Breaking* Vassar Grad Joins Obama Administration

Earlier today President-elect Obama named Nancy Killefer '75 as his Chief Performance Officer. Killefer graduated Vassar with a BA in economics.

The Chief Performance Officer position is a new one, aimed at managing the government's financial efficiency. "In order to restore confidence in our economy, we must restore the American people’s confidence in their government," Obama said. "I am confident that with Nancy’s leadership, and the efforts of leaders on both sides of the aisle, we will do just that.”

Killefer previously served during the Clinton administration as the Treasury Department's Assistant Secretary for Management, Chief Financial Officer, and the Chief Operating Officer. Since 2000 she has worked as a senior partner for the firm McKinsey.

Update: More info on Killefer's time at Vassar: According to the Daily Freeman, as a senior, Killefer was an academic intern for the Economics department. She was also on the editorial board of the Misc and got the Ruth Gillette Hutchinson Prize for her Econ. thesis.

January 3, 2009

Cappy Quoted In New York Times

Cappy is quoted in the Sunday edition of The New York Times speaking about how the financial crisis will affect college tuition. According to the article, some schools including Vassar "may halt construction and freeze hiring" in order to provide students with more financial aid.

Cappy says that Vassar is spending $1 million more on financial aid this school year than originally planned, and will spend $6 million more for 2009-2010. This "means cutting elsewhere, including offering 60 fewer courses and raising the average class size."

"The commitment to financial aid is that those really are the best, most interesting students," Cappy says.

Victoria Marquette '10 is also quoted in the article on Vassar's willingness to accommodate her family's new financial situation.

In other news, Vassar is also mentioned in tomorrow's Times in an article about Anne Hathaway.