January 16, 2009

Another Vassar Grad To Work For Obama

Vassar graduate Shelly O'Neill Stoneman '99 and ten others have been added to Obama's "legislative affairs team," according to a press release on the President-elect's official website yesterday.

Stoneman is currently the Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ), whose son coincidentally is a Vassar junior. She has worked for Congressman Rothman since 2003.

“With such great challenges facing the country, it’s going to be essential to work closely with Capitol Hill to advance an agenda that turns this economy around, puts Americans back to work, and safeguards our national security," Obama said in the press release. "The new legislative affairs team members announced today will help to carry that mission forward—and ensure that the voices of congressional leaders and their constituents are being heard in the White House.”

Stoneman is the second Vassar graduate to have a significant role in the Obama administration, after Nancy Killefer '75 was named Chief Performance Officer last week.

Not leaving her Vassar days behind her, Stoneman is a member of the Seven Sisters Alumnae Club on LikedIn.

Update: Congressman Rothman had this to say about Stoneman: "She is brilliant and has a tremendous amount of experience...It's not only great news for her personally, but for all of New Jersey as she knows our state extremely well...It will be an extra special avenue for us to express our specific interests in policy and projects for New Jersey to the Obama administration directly."

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lbg28 said...

*completely unrelated topic* Broken Social Scene is on with Dave Letterman now! Vassar is so ahead of the game...