January 27, 2009

*Breaking* No Faculty Cuts This Year

After months of controversial debate between administrators, alumni, students, and faculty, the administration has decided to extend the contracts for the two English dept. professors whose jobs were in danger of being cut.

According to a message from Mary Beth Caschetta '88, the administrator for the "Don't Let Vassar Silence Writers" Facebook group:

"Due to the generosity of both tenured and non-tenured English faculty members, who have given up classes and voluntarily taken leaves of absences to donate teaching hours to their colleagues, the 2 adjunct contracts up for renewal have reportedly been extended for one year, and so, it appears, at least for the moment, that no actual faculty members will be fired in 2009."

This is great news, although Caschetta cautions that Dean Chenette will still attempt faculty cuts in the near future and we shouldn't consider this a victory just yet.


Bernie said...

Well, not in the English department, at least. Other departments, like music, are still letting some faculty go.

MB said...

Yeah, not such great news, as delivered.

The administration changed nothing about its plan to destroy the creative writing program by slowly firing adjuncts...the only thing that changed is a bunch of generous colleagues took pay cuts or leaves in order to save the adjunct jobs for one year. And as stated above, other adjuncts in other creative arts are being cut.

So, it's actually kind of terrible news.

ch7777 said...

I need some clarification. I understand that if professors are cut, classes will be cut, which is obviously a terrible thing for both students and professors. But the crux of the argument seems to be that firing these two professors will basically eliminate Vassar's creative writing program. As far as I was aware, the creative writing classes Vassar offers are comp (205, 206, and senior), verse writing, narrative writing, and literary nonfiction, which are taught by a variety of professors. Less professors to teach these classes will almost definitely mean less sections, but given that these classes seem to take up about a third of the English department's offerings every semester, how exactly is the creative writing program being "destroyed?" Can you really claim to know that the administration plans on firing creative writing adjuncts as opposed to any others?
I'm not trying to undermine your argument, and I certainly agree that these professors shouldn't be fired, but I'm trying to understand how this is seen as a systematic elimination of the creative writing program (which technically doesn't even exist).

VCanonymous said...

Haven't see anything here about VC cutting (mostly by attrition, but still...) 25 Administrator's positions this year. It is just the start. Lay off are lay offs, and VC is laying folks off.

Alex said...

Yeah I am not happy that Women Making Music and World Music, two of the more unconventional music classes that I would definitely like to take, probs won't be offered next year.