January 14, 2009

Quote Of The Day

"She was a well-liked, delightful person."
- Chair of the Economics Department, Professor Shirley Johnson-Lans in a press release about the appointing of Nancy Killefer '75 to the Obama administration. Johnson-Lans taught at Vassar when Killefer was a student.


Zack said...

When are we going to get an honest testimonial about a former student? "She was an impossible know-it-all who smelled like vomit, dressed like Pat Nixon and had the handwriting of an arthritic chicken." It would be so much more entertaining if we could get some good ol' fashioned insults hurled in the direction of our esteemed alumnae.

Anonymous said...

Just wait til after you graduate.

or me.

Anonymous said...

god... in some ways i hope we stick to the current norm because i do not like to think about what they could say about me or really anyone i know. hah.