January 26, 2009

Shiva Rave Returns This Friday!

This semester's Shiva Rave hosted by VT is coming up this weekend! Plus, for the first time ever, the rave will be going until 2am. Space is limited and the line was out the door last semester, so be sure to show up early.

DJ Schedule:
9pm - Twin Dragonz (Chris Martel and Bruce Wong)
1opm - Respire vs. Fenris (Paul Noonan and Sam Finer)
11pm - Paradigm (Felicia Minchin)
12pm - Yoshitoshi, Man Your Battlestation! (Christopher Mykles and Conner Marx)

The night also features visuals by VJ Pixel Harvest and lighting by Michael Faba.

Friday (1/30), Shiva Theatre, 9pm-2am. More info to come throughout the week.

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