January 26, 2009

Beirut Sells Out

The line for Beirut tickets at this morning's 10am giveaway stretched all the way into the College Center circle. The first students began waiting in line at 8am. Later, students began waiting for the 3pm giveaway at noon.

The infodesk had distributed all of the tickets by around 3:40. At that time ticketweb.com had only sold half of its tickets for the show.

For those of you who are still looking to get tickets, WVKR will be doing giveaways throughout the week.


wphil22 said...

I was wondering if there will be any scalping going on. I was on line for the 3:00 one, and MAY just have gotten a ticket, if not for all the cutting. I'm looking for three or four tickets at a reasonable price.

Respire said...

ViCE will have a table set up on Wednesday at 12pm and 3pm to take names for a raffle of 4 tickets.