January 26, 2009

ViCE Speaks About Beirut Tickets

ViCE has posted a statement on its official website regarding today's ticket sales. Check out ViCE's website for the full statement. Here is an excerpt:

"All of us at ViCE are very excited about the show and even more excited that we were able to provide 700 tickets free of charge to Vassar students. With this in mind, we also feel obligated to apologize to all of you who did not receive a free ticket.

"Many of you have expressed concerns that another, much smaller group of tickets was made available for sale to the public online. In response, we want to remind everyone that producing shows of this scale is by no means an inexpensive endeavor. In fact, they are incredibly expensive. And although it is true that ViCE is allotted a generous amount of money, we are also given a lofty charge: to entertain Vassar all year long. We enact our mission to the best of our abilities by producing Jazz Night, NoViCE, Film league, After Hours, a number of special events, and large-scale musical performances on a regular basis. Therefore, there are times when we are forced to charge for some number of tickets to events such as this to help ensure that we can continue to provide what we have promised."

ViCE will be raffling off more free tickets in the College Center on Wednesday. Stop by ViCE's table at 12pm or 3pm to put down your name for the raffle.

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