February 20, 2009

2011 Announces Class Gift!

In an email sent moments ago, the Sophomore Class Gift Committee announced that its class gift will be an Internship Grant Fund.

"This fund is coordinated through the Career Development Office to provide stipends and funding for students who wish to conduct unpaid or low pay internships during the summer," states the email.

How do you think this compares to last year's V-Card swipers?

Update: What the email didn't mention is that this is the same gift the Class of 2008 gave. The History of the Sophomore Class Gift describes the 2008 gift as "an Internship Grant Fund, designed to supplement unpaid internships for students."


Anonymous said...

duhhh that was EXACTLY what the class of 08's soph class gift was. unoriginal, but still a good idea.

Zack said...

At least it's actually useful, completely unlike our class gift.

Alex said...

Yo I LOVE the vending machine Vcard swipers, they are mad useful, I never have cash