February 16, 2009

Cushing Announces Its Next Party

This semester Cushing will be throwing a "Prom." They will be tabling in the College Center today to accept votes for a theme. The choices are Circus, Arabian Nights, Under the Sea, Masquerade, or people can write their own ideas.

Stop by Cushing's table today, Wednesday, and Friday, from 10-4 in the CC.

Here is the official press release:
"If you thought DayGloToga was the party of the year, you must have been talking about 2008. If there's anything better than day-glo paint and togas, it's corsages and tulle...that's right, Cushing is bringing Prom to Vassar on April 10th. And if there's anything better than Prom night, it's planning it...come to the College Center this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to cast your ballot for the theme. Want all eyes on you in the middle of a ring just like a Circus? Ever dreamed of getting down on an Arabian Night? Ready to venture Under the Sea? Hoping a Masquerade could be your ticket to attractive? Your wish is Cushing's command..."


Alice Paul said...

Ugh. Arabian Nights is seriously an option? Has no one on the Cushing house team ever read Edward Said? I thought people at Vassar were getting an education!

Anonymous said...

by "tool" do they mean "tulle"?

oh, cushing...

Mystitat said...

Masquerave will be in April (hopefully). Save your masks till then.

Respire said...

@ Alice Paul - Just because Edward Said wrote some things doesn't make "Arabian Nights" not a popular prom theme.

And no, I'd never heard of Edward Said until I Wikipedia searched his name right now.

Ensign said...

@ Alice Paul.

Yes, I know for a fact that at least 2 members of the house team have read Orientalism. However, as Respire says, it is a good theme.

Also, right now...it is winning. So come vote if you really want it to change!