February 13, 2009

Founder's Day Gets Closer

Planning for Founder's Day has begun!

The Founder's Day committee chairs were announced this morning. Brian Bacchi and Adam Ben-Avi are in charge of Beer and Food, Nicholas Inzucci (a.k.a. DJ Olmec) is in charge of Music, Jacinthe Sasson-Yenor is in charge of Decorations, and Allyson Won and Mailynh Phan will be in charge of Merchandise.

Tali Swisher '10, Maria Melnik '09, and Desislava Simeonova '11 were announced last week as the event chairs.

There will be a general interest meeting for all students who want to join committees on Monday at 9pm in Rocky.


Megan said...

we still have chair positions open for rides & Games and Kids Tent, as well as a co-chair spot for Decorations!

Anonymous said...

thats my friend andy!