February 26, 2009

Founder's Day Theme Chosen!

This just in: The Founder's Day theme is Nintendo!!!

It wasn't our first choice, but we're sure it will be good! Or we'll just be too busy to notice. Think they'll show the Super Mario Brothers movie?


Anonymous said...

BOGUS. if they show that live action mario brothers movie I'm going to throw up. sigh. oh well. not like anyone will be paying attention to the theme anyway.

Respire said...

The Wizard!
The Wizard > Super Mario Bros

Zack said...

Julia, I don't appreciate your bashing of the Bob Hoskins / Dennis Hopper / John Leguizamo masterpiece that we call the Super Mario Bros. movie. If you can name a single movie in the history of cinema that's half as good, I'll eat my hat.

Anonymous said...

zack we could have had a jeff goldblum founders day experience! any movie with him in it automatically trumps the nintendo movie. and you know it!

Anonymous said...

i really wanted dinosaurs