February 17, 2009

Going On Now

...ViCE Jazz night in the Mug featuring Gato Loco!

From ViCE Jazz:
“Gato Loco screams it's way through latin jazz while incorporating free-improv, delicate textures, and dense compositions. Formed in 2005, Stefan Zeniuk (tenor sax), Brian Drye (trombone), Joe Exley (tuba), Mike Gamble (guitar) & Greg Stare (drums) have been aggressively mixing genres into a latin-based synthesis of the NYC sounds of the new millenium. Called "Jazz, peppered with Latin, punk, and classical influences.' "

"Gato Loco could be the ultimate low frequency band: the only instrument that uses the upper registers is the guitar. Using oldtime Cuban music from the 1920s and 30s as their stepping-off point, they typically get a fat, low-end groove going and then have a lot of fun with the melody, waaaaay down there."

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